I originally received 3 boxes of FIASP and after first starting to use it, it turned cloudy in about a week. I’ve been carrying this with my tresiba and novolog left out of the fridge, the tresiba and novolog are crystal clear. I’ve never had a insulin go back like this in 29 years. I went back to the pharmacy and they replaced. After now using the replaced insulin its doing the same thing. I’m kind of worried if i’ve been poisoned or something with what looks like worms and clumps of stuff in it, its gross. I contacted Novodisk and they were like sure we can replace at the very same pharmacy the other 6 boxes came from. I told them maybe they should send it to another pharmacy to validate it’s not a issue with how they’re storage system is working. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else, its new to market in the usa so not sure if others have experienced this. I’m kind of frustrated because Novodisk had time to find out why the first insulin i gave back went bad and they didn’t, they seem lazy.


First, that is really frustrating and I would be pissed.

Second, I wouldn’t worry about that stuff hurting you, but I obviously wouldn’t use it after it does that. It looks like a bunch of denatured protein stuff, aka I think your improper storage comment might be correct.

It looks like there is a large air bubble in it too. With normal pen use, there should never be an air bubble that big. You introduce a very small amount of air when you insert the needle, but that bubble is huge.