Auto soft xc infusion set

Has anyone come across this? After just 1 day the tubing of my infusion set and reservoir turned a dark brownish/purple ish color. I changed both the set and reservoir and it happened again. The third time I changed everything I took them from a different box. Same thing happened. I called Tandem and they said they’ve had “a few complaints and they’re not for sure what the cause might be.” I was shocked they didn’t have an answer other than that it might be my clothing. Nope. I thought I’d ask you all.

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Hasn’t happened to me … yet. I have the same setup as you. Sorry I can’t help.



It’s the clothing dye. Happens with “newer” black or blue jeans, black tshirts, etc.

Weird, right? (Wondering how much my skin absorbs into my bloodstream!)


Ah thank you so much for confirming :smiling_face:

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A couple pairs of my blue jeans turned my leather seat in my Camry to a blueish color.

Oh wow. I didn’t realize clothing could do such. I’ve had a pump for nearly a decade now, and I’ve never had the tubing turn color before.