Apple Watch Series 1 and Dexcom direct to watch

Hello. I’m wondering if the (new) Series 1 Apple Watch is ALSO said to be functional with the upcoming direct Dexcom connection. Is there any word on this?

I have read all the current models have both Bluetooth 4.2 and are running Watch OS 4. I know Target will be selling the Series 1 watch at a significant discount on Black Friday. It looks like a good time to buy, even if the functionality is not quite here yet.

All versions. As you mentioned I wasn’t attempting to connect 2 devices to the same transmitter, although by default the transmitter is still “connected” to the old phone even though it’s wiped and restored to factory. I believe that deleting the app and reinstalling on the new phone does something to the effect of what you are referring to. Remember, I always restore from a backup so i would assume setting up the new iPhone as a new device and not restoring from a backup would like yield the same result.

I would think so. Enabling core bluetooth in watchOS4 is a software, not hardware, function as far as I can tell. So I would assume the direct communication functionality will be available in all versions of the Apple Watch.

However, one should always be ready to give ones self the permission to buy the newer technology just because!

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