Apple Siri and Dexcom

Q: “Hey Siri. What’s my glucose.”

A: “You’re 77 and steady.”

That’s pretty cool.


And with xdrp app your phone will say 77 and steady as often as every 4 minutes and the readings can be dexcom or xdrip which I have found to be more accurate. Every dexcom user should look at xdrip for Android.

Do you get answer on both screen and spoken?

My parents were set up with Alexa, but had to change name because they couldn’t remember it. But they didn’t pick Siri as replacement!

@MM2 - I was told that Siri can be changed to respond to a different wake up command than “Hey Siri”.

I could think of a few interesting ones.


But yes. It responds with both an audio reply and the visual.

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You on your way to get an Android phone now?:crazy_face:

@Jason99 - ha ha ha

Choices are good.

Only if it’s the right choice