Apple Event yesterday

Anyone else watch it???

They made mention of the Apple Watch paired with a glucose sensor and how it helps parents keep track of their young daughters numbers. Very cool!!!


It is great that they would showcase that!

I am still waiting for any public info on a potential Apple glucose sensor though – although, somehow, I doubt it will ever happen despite all the rumors.

Don’t see an Apple sensor in the future, but one never knows.

I’m just excited for WatchOS 4 to enable the ability for my G5 to talk directly to my watch without having my iPhone be the pass through.


I read a bit about the Apple sensor. It sounds real. Although it is sometimes tough to tell the difference when reading on this how much is fact based and how much is conjecture. As I read it, the sensor would be in the band which would allow the watch to not get pulled into any FDA approval which apparently Apple wants to avoid at all costs.

The band with the sensor would (likely) go through the FDA approval process. At such point as the band is approved, it would just get snapped onto the watch like any other band?

This would allow Apple to keep to its internal release schedule for the watch as they so clearly enjoy. The band would then move on a schedule as determined by the FDA.

If nothing else it at least sounds plausible.


It would be truly great!

I always thought they would make this a non-medical device, like a sports band or some such thing, so that they don’t have to go through FDA approval. This would also give them a much bigger audience, if they are able to convince many more millions of people that it is worth checking their BG like they want access to their # of steps of their heart rate.