Your Apple Watch may soon get a better accessory to monitor your glucose levels


Soon=4-5 years?

Dexcom has been hyping this for the past 2 years. If they were really serious they would have done it already.

Let me know when it’s a reality, if I’m still alive.

@docslotnick :laughing: I don’t know if we will convert you to the Apple ecosystem. Actually, I don’t want to because of your Sony Watch knowledge and Xdrip pairings. We need you to keep your skills sharp on that!

The medical inventions field does move a bit slowly, doesn’t it?!

I am excited to hear about it anyway as we are always hopeful that it’ll happen! The article mentioned “direct-to-Apple Watch version of a separate tracker in the works” which makes me wonder if it’s a little different than what I was imagining. Thanks for sharing!

Either way, everything in the medical device field moves so slowly, that it’s possible years more might be the fact.

@TravelingOn I think they are referring to Apple Watch acting as a receiver, negating the need for a phone or receiver. This would be a great step forward for Dexcom technologically, but may not provide a sufficient monetary incentive for them to proceed full speed.

Of course we would all love it. But we already are hooked on Dexcom.

And yes, I am still stuck on Android, as the Apple/Dexcom eosystem is miles and years behind xDrip+.

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