Anyone else deal w constant ingrown toenails?

Bad one this time. Doing the regular soaking, tried to cut away som of the side (I know that’s not ideal, but it’s so painful, puffy and has pus).

I am going to make an appointment for a podiatrist, but had a terrible experience the one only other time I went to one.


I had both my big toe nails removed because of this.
The most painful part is getting the numbing injections.
Well, every once in a while I drop something and it hits right where the nail was. Hurts a little. But oh well…
Btw, the first time I just had them do the sides of the nails, but I still had problems, and ended up having the entire nail removed for good.


Woah the entire nail(s)!?!? I’m surprised the sides alone wasn’t enough. The pain is intense, but it’s the potential for infection that really concerns me.

Yeah, needle in the toe would be frightening…I heard somewhere that needles in the toes and fingers is a torture technique!

What was the recovery time for each surgery?

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Yup, entire nails. Wish i would have just done it the first time like that.
The pain from the needle really is the worst part. So remember that pain.
First time was when I was a teenager, second time was shot 15 years ago. They heal pretty fast for the first part of it. It takes a pretty long time before they harden up though.
I still have creases at the sides where the nails used to dig so far down.


Resurrecting another old thread but, yes, ingrown toenails is an issue I’ve had to deal with. Several of mine grow in a ‘C’ shape, so that instead of growing flat on top of the nail bed, the edges actually start to curl back under and into the skin. It can get very painful at times, feels like you’ve got razor blades between your toes. It took multiple attempts, but I finally found a podiatrist I like and trust. I do my own trimming between visits, but I leave the deep digging into the corners for him. Simple logistics says it’s easier for him to get in at the proper angle than it is for me, and that’s before you take my grumpy old lummox gut into consideration…