Any podcast or song recommendations?

I had a very nice relaxed run yesterday listening to a podcast. Since I am training to be Running a marathon! :D (see what I did there? :smiley: ) I’ve got some mental space in my schedule that I can’t really block out for my usual doing things.

Does anyone have any song recommendations? What do others like to do to keep their head occupied while running or chores or exercise? Any podcast recommendations? I am always looking for new stuff :slight_smile: The music or podcasts can be anything. Send me your favorite song!


Andy Grammar is one of my favorites. So upbeat!

I’m old fashioned and have yet to listen to a single podcast. Don’t even know how that works. That’s one of the many reasons that I keep my husband around…he knows stuff like that.

I listen to music during chores. Experimented with books on cd for our 4500 mile road trip this summer. Some of the voice actors are…interesting…so I never really got into that.

Sorry I’m not much use here!!


I listen to a great one too.

Totally blew my mind!

I think it ranged from Zeno’s Paradox to some kind of spatial physics to mitochondrial genomes. It discussed carpentry as well as mathematics. Pretty random stuff but somehow it was all interconnected.

Like stream-of-consciousness talk.

I general listen to music. The podcasts are not as frequent. But they are really awesome.


Not sure this is marathon music (You might just stop and decide to sip scotch🤣), but you said anything.

If you like covers with interesting arrangements, you might like Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ). They do covers of classics in swing and jazz styles.

You can do play lists on Spotify.


If you are feeling more on the cerebral side and have spotify and do not mind Canadian content…

I enjoy listening to music (i like prog rock but you may not :laughing:) but I find interesting podcasts completely take my mind off of the excerise.

“Quirks and Quarks” is a good weekly general science show. New topics every week.

“Ideas” has a bunch of thinking / lecture style shows. They are all over the political spectrum so I tend to skip the ones that trigger me a bit much. Really enjoyed this recent one although he mischaracterizes/miquotes Darwin a bit to fit his point.


“Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard“ Listened to a few of these when I was killing time in an airport and found them oddly entertaining!


Another suggestion, any of the live Grateful Dead shows, which could keep you occupied for 3 hours or so. :smirk:


Stuff on the podcast or how to get one pulled up to listen to?? :joy:

Andy’s been added to my playlist. BTW - I just watched the music video for “Don’t Give Up On Me” and ended up in a puddle of tears, o man it will be a long Sunday for me :woman_facepalming:


OMG so many things I’m excited to listen to!! Thank you for the suggestions everyone :heart: :heart:

You have quite an interesting taste in podcasts!

What sort of music do you listen to on runs?

I’m more of a g&t kinda girl :smirk: and I did say anything! When running I listen from rock to EDM to classical so really anything flies! I haven’t heard of them before but PMJ is AWESOME! I’ve got a bunch of their covers lined up for my run without listening to those ones beforehand so when they pop up I’ll play a little game of trying to figure out the original song as fast as I can.

Ooo - try me! Send a song or two :smiley:
I’ve got Quirks and Quarks (the psychedelic and waking dreams one) and Ideas (the animals one you were referring to, right?) lined up!

Spotify actually has a ton of their live shows! Is there one that tops all the rest that you’d recommend??


I like classic rock and contemporary Christian music. Here’s a favorite with Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney singing one of George Harrison’s songs.


Yeah. It’s live and I’ve enjoyed it 3 weeks in a row.

But I don’t think they have a 6am podcast. Now that school is starting back…

It’s pretty wide.

I think @T1Allison and I had a discussion about this on an FUD thread many months ago. I’ll have to find it.

I posted about running apps that adjust music tempo for your cadence. Did you see that?

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@LarissaW My husband, the resident Dead show expert, says try any from May 1977!



This is from the last issue of Runner’s World from 2019. None of these will compare to your last 3, but some of these might be good.

And here is the cadence app post to look at:

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Thanks @Eric! I binged Dr Death last year and would recommend. I also try to listen to The Daily… daily :smiley:

And @Millz suggested the Armchair Expert above, so this list must be a good one!

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