Any body like the670g


I see almost all mentions of the 670g are negitive, probably with reason. Just wondering if anyone likes this system. I know I loved the 530g and will be starting back on it in the next couple of weeks. I can upgrade (my term) to the 670 if I want. Sort of was leaning toward the tslim-x2 but insurance will not cover because my 530 is still under warranty until 8/19. I can’t imagine no one likes the 670, have read all the reviews online I could fine and they were pretty balanced.


@T1john, on here at FUD I don’t recall anyone liking the 670, but that isn’t to say no one likes it. It seems to work well for people that have a high A1c, and that the 670 can bring into a better range with little effort.

People that are expecting or are maintaining their A1c in the 5’s and 6’s seem to be quite frustrated by the 670. I personally would be waiting for the next generation that allows more ability to tailor to the patients needs.

I think much of the frustration stems from the need to “trick” the system to do what the user wants.


I do know several people that really like the 670g, but they are not on this site… I have the 630g and will probably stick with it for a while, at least until the warranty is up. I have seen some positive remarks on reddit and bt1 about the 670 if you want to ask people there what they like about it. Aside from the 120 hard coded target the other complaint seems that it takes a while to train automode.


I’m currently using an Animas pump but am going to upgrade soon, and I’ve done quite a bit of research on the 670G and the t:slim. Since I’m legally blind, the 670G is a pump I’m actually able to see, while the t:slim has very small and low-contrast fonts. What I could find pretty much corresponds with what @Chris wrote above. People who are starting out with a high A1c seem to really find the 670G helpful, but those starting with an A1c in the 6% range or lower have frustrations, and I’ve even seen numerous reports from this group that the pump has caused their A1c to increase. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided (again) to go with the t:slim despite the small fonts.


My a1c’s run in the high 12’s so the 120 hard point doesn’t bother me so much. I used to use the 530 and the worst for me other than the sensors falling off was I couldn’t get carelink to work.



Perhaps hold off on your decision if not in a rush?

Tandem is expected to come out with an iPhone app in Q1 of 2019 which is expected (again - lol - nothing for sure until released) to have read-only functionality for most (maybe all?) data elements from the X2 pump.

It is possible this could be approved in Canada faster than other things such as Basal-IQ and the Dexcom G6 as this is (expected) to be a view-only which one would assume would carry less regulatory oversight then those things which are actionable.

I would assume a Smartphone app would allow a full range of assistive fonts and color schemes?



I currently am transitioning from the 670G to the TSlim because of numerous problems I experienced with the 670G. The vast majority, and I mean 90%, were with Auto Mode. I’ll refrain from saying anything more in response to your post because it sounds like you’re hoping to hear from people who like it, and I’m not one. However, I’ll invite you to check out my Facebook group, The Honest Exchange, where we have people using the 670G every way possible. Some are in Auto Mode and love it, some are making use of Manual Mode with suspends, and some are using it in conjunction with their Dexcom or Libre. If you’re interested, I’ll post the link. I’ll wait though so as to avoid spamming. :grin:


I am not in a rush for pump, I like my 530 and it is still under warranty until 8/19 so my insurance won’t approve tsim. I can get the 670 for less than a new enlite transmitter from Medtronic. Have found on on eBay for less but can’t afford right now, med tropics will allow me to pay in 12 payments. And later when my warranty expires I will have more options.


If this is the case, you might benefit from Auto Mode. I did early on, but it was in trying to tighten control after that immediate boost where I ran into problems. I liken Auto Mode to a diabetes boot camp. For many, it’ll get them on the right track. That part is amazing. My biggest problem is that it tends to withhold insulin as a way to tighten up those numbers. The reason it works is because many, naturally in response, change their diets. In this way, people actually lose some weight and see a drop in a1c. It’s a real weapon in helping to avoid hypoglycemia, which helps to free up some of those calories we consume trying to get out of our lows. These are real strengths. Again, it’s once a person is ready to take over that they start to find difficulty. It touts running you at a 120, but if you ask users, many find a fingerstick reveals their “120” to be a true 185. However, and I’m coming back around in your starting a1c of 12, it might be a good fit.

I’ve got a big group at this point, and I understand if you’re not interested or prefer to stay away from Facebook, but if you’re looking to hear about some of these issues, I recommend at least passing through.


Would love link. Like getting any an all input. I have no preconceived impressions just looking for info. Will probably come down to what I can manage to afford. My actual preference is probably getting new transmitter and staying with the 530g until my warranty is up and going with the tslim and deacon cgm. I had great control with 530 just couldn’t keep sensors on, eventually on fell off and when I got home was nowhere to be found, haunt used in over a year.


I do Facebook alot, but never used for research, never new there were groups like that. Will or sure check have seen many good posts from you.


Nope, not unless they designed it to support Apple’s (or Google’s) accessibility features. This is not at all guaranteed in diabetes apps, or really any apps unless Apple designed them. For example, the app that comes along with the Contour Next One pops up with a screen telling you to disable all accessibility features if you launch it with any of these features enabled. If you don’t disable them, the app is unusable with them. If you do disable them, the app is unusable (for you) without them.

Read-only functionality would only be useful for looking at things like insulin on board. For anything more detailed than that, such as adjusting basal rates, I’d still run into the problem of the t:slim user interface. That could be solved with magnification in my case, but it’s still annoying, and of course for someone with no usable vision, the pump is totally unusable.

I could hold off until the full-fledged iPhone user interface is available, but that is years down the road. Initially when I planned on holding off for the next generation Animas, I though it would be a year or so down the road… Four years down the road, I am still waiting…so the prospect of waiting another however many years is not that appealing, especially since I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Animas supplies (currently ordered through Medtronic) after September of this year. Plus, and I know this is a vain, but I always feel like I am SO far behind others in diabetes technology, mostly because Canada always seems to be years behind the US in what’s available. So if something is going to be available in 2020 in the US, I’d automatically add about five years to that for Canadian release, just to be safe…

So I am not sure yet what I will do, but I suspect over the next couple of months I will go for the t:slim, especially if the G6 gets approved during that time (I heard it was submitted for approval back in September, so hopefully soon).


That is crappy. The FDA should mandate it. It really is not a big deal to build that stuff in.


Projected launch by Tandem with FDA approval for Summer 2020 with the t:sport. Whether or not the mobile app supporting the full interface is backported to the X2 is currently unknown. How long it takes the t:sport to be approved by Canada is obviously unknown until it is approved.


I’ve never used any pump, let alone a 670G, so my opinion is probably not that useful. But I have looked at an overnight result from someone using a 670G, and saw a clear indication that Automode did a great job overnight while asleep, and prevented a serious low BG, and provided a good waking BG of 120. So my conclusion is that the 670G in auto mode is well worth using overnight. Even if it is disabled during the day when awake and BG may be better managed manually.


@jag1… It may have been my overnight to which you refer. We had a conversation about it— including cutting it out during the day and just using it at night. That is an option, however that morning “120” is so far from a straightforward blood sugar, you cannot even imagine without having experienced it yourself. Often it’s not even a 120, and when it is, it’s a 120 packed full of hours’ worth of reduced insulin. So you start at “120” and jump to 230 at the first sight of your coffee… or egg or toast or whatever. I have people in my group that have worked really very hard to get Auto Mode to work for them, and it’s been interesting to see them work through all of the phases. Not all of them, but many, have decided in the end to return to Manual Mode despite it meaning giving up that nice overnight. That overnight line does not come without a price.

It’s the danger of having people comment on performance of their Auto Mode without providing context. Some swear by it… 2 days in… and are completely out 2 months later. It really might be a great device, or great Mode, for some, but it’s best to go in with reasonable expectations and a little baseline understanding.


I 100% agree!!! If I was American I’d be leading a charge to get the FDA to mandate such things for all health-related apps.


Thank you, @T1john. Here’s the link. Let me know if I can help with anything.



No, thank you, I found and put in a join request.


Okay. I’m away from my iPad. I’ll get it in just a few minutes.


Oh, I do think the Guardian sensors are better than the Enlite sensors. Once Medtronic finally dumped the Carelink Java Applet, I thought it was a lot easier to use. The other negative coming from the 530 is the 600 series a brick in comparison.