Any body like the670g


Yea I am really leaning toward staying with the 530 then switching to the x-2 when my warranty expires latter this year, I am used to it and had good results with it.


I have had my 670G for about 10 months, coming from a 530G and a Paradigm 712 before that (I used Animas pumps for about 6 or so years prior to switching to Medtronic to get the integrated CGM in 2009).

I like it, but it isn’t perfect. I would say for someone with a relatively high A1c it is probably worth trying - but I would echo others’ opinions about it being difficult to break into the 6s with Auto Mode (I’m hovering right at about 7 with it). The reduction in the number of hypoglycemic events is definitely a selling point for me, as I was struggling with that issue a lot for the year or so prior to switching to the 670G as I made other changes in my lifestyle/diabetes management to get my A1c down to a reasonable number (I had a consistent low to mid 8s A1c for years prior to making those changes in late 2017).

YMMV, of course.


I transitioned from the 530 to 670 in April. I don’t hate it. I am mostly frustrated by all my docs telling me I needed to go to it and finding out it really isn’t an artificial pancreas. It brought down my A1C which wasn’t all that bad to begin with. I experience fewer lows, about the same amount of highs. It can be frustrating, it wakes me up one or two nights a week wanting a blood sugar, I understand why but finger test always matches the sensor reading, so it seems pointless. It was configured very conservatively but I’m within range, so it may not matter that it’s ok with me being in the 150s.

My insurance sucks, so I paid a lot but I am committed now, so I may be looking at more of the positives. It’s not awful, I don’t think the Guardian sensor is better than the previous model, I hear a lot of people complain about Medtronics CGM, but I really have never had too many issues with them. I think this 3rd version is about the same as the previous.

Hope that helps, if I had to do it again, I would probably wait for the next release though.

**I should mention I’ve been in auto-mode this entire time. I experience a raise in blood sugar just getting ready and out the door in the morning, I hoped this new pump would fix that - it didn’t. So, I take insulin when I get up, without eating. Generally I only have to do this on work days, but occasionally on the weekends too. **


Do you use the pump to deliver this insulin, or are you just injecting without the system knowing?


I basically tell the pump I’m eating, I bolus for 8-12 grams depending on my fasting blood sugar. I typically don’t eat breakfast, just have coffee.