Adults only: substitute for glucose tabs

I found these Strongbow Mini’s, and they are a great way for me to treat a low BG. They have about 9-11 grams of sugar, depending on which one you get. It’s basically just a small can of the hard (apple) cider, so it doesn’t contain as many carbs as the normal sized can.

I know some people may be worried about the alcohol interfering with sugar absorption, but that generally would take a good bit more alcohol than than this. It has 5% alcohol, so one of these is only about 1/2 a beer’s worth of alcohol.

Anyway, I hope to offer an idea for people to get a break from the monotony of glucose tabs, which I never use. :wink:


But I get drunk on 1/2 a beer.


You’re going to want to get some training in before the FUD conference or it’s going to be an early night for you

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Ooh, a nice summer alternative for that post-lawn-mowing low! :beer:

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