90 years!

This weekend we celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday. We had a lot of family visiting from all over and we gathered at a nice restaurant for dinner.

There were a lot of fun stories. One thing I heard which was funny was something my brother-in-law told me. He and my sister were visiting my mom’s mother in Germany many years ago for her 93rd birthday, and she told him to come back for her 95th birthday party. Such confidence! And she lived to be 96!

This weekend was a big event, and I told my mom that next year it would not not be such a huge celebration. So she said we would celebrate 91 at Taco Bell or Waffle House. :grinning:


About a month ago I was eating lunch with my mom and I asked her if she was watching her cholesterol. She said no, not anymore. She said she is too old to be watching it, and she eats whatever she wants now. :grinning:


@Eric Thank you so much for sharing! I love that photo of you and your mom, and I would really like to be invited to her 91st birthday celebration at waffle house. I will be ordering my hash browns smothered, covered, stacked, and chunked.

Happy birthday to Mom and congratulations on her health and longevity and enjoyment of waffles or hash browns or carbs of choice. :wink:

What a fun post! I can only imagine that your mother must be amazing! I’m excited you got to visit her and celebrate her 90th year!


@Eric, great story, thank you!

I can’t wait to be 90 too :slight_smile:

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How wonderful and what a sweet pic @Eric. It’s nice to see the woman that brought us our very own “FUD Warrior”!