27 year diaversary :)

I just realized that today is my 27 year diaversary. :slight_smile:

It is also Thanksgiving here in Canada (well, technically yesterday, but my parents and siblings and I are doing the feast today). And I have a lot to be thankful for!

I used to write blog posts for my diaveraries about what I had learned or expereinced over the past year, but I fell out of that habit. I meant to do it this year, but it snuck up on me.

It’s funny how I always note this day, but I don’t do the same for any of the other chronic illnesses I have. Maybe because they don’t have coined terms like diaversary. :slight_smile:


Well done, @Jen! That’s a big milestone - hope you were able to celebrate. I’m also impressed that you remember the actual day - I can tell you the year, the probable month, but not the day! :slight_smile:


Oh, the only reason I know the day is because I still have a copy of my first logbook. Well, I think I did remember it before then because I remembered I was diagnosed on a Tuesday a few weeks before Halloween, so I went and looked it up on a calendar. But the logbook confirms: it starts at dinner time on October 11, and I know I spent four days total in the hospital.


Best to you! Keep going!


Happy “diaversary” and happy Thanksgiving! I love thanksgiving, and I’m a little jealous you’re getting to have yours already! Enjoy!