8 years and counting…

It’s my diaversary week (I was so sick I don’t recall which day I was admitted to hospital) and I want to share a conversation I had with my granddaughter (age 10):

She: Nonna, what’s the worst thing about having diabetes?

Me: Um, the unpredictability of results and learning how to deal with all the weird things that can happen.

She: It’s not all bad is it?

Me: I sure eat better and am pretty healthy otherwise.

She: So what’s the best thing about having diabetes?

Me: All the friends I’ve made in the online community and knowing that no matter what happens, I am not alone.

Many thanks to my FUD family for friendship, support, and information on this “long, strange trip”!


I love that!!

Conversations with kiddos are the best! Thanks for sharing and thank you for your awesome friendship and support, too!!


FUD certainly is one of the best things to happen to me in the last 5 years.

It has been a bit of strange trip at times.


@CatLady What a spot-on discussion…and SO true!

Mine went a little different:
6yr old Oliver: When were you born Pop-Pop?
Pop-Pop: 1954
6yr old Oliver: So, a really really long time ago?
Pop-Pop: Yes, Oliver, and thank you for bringing that to my attention.
At least he did NOT say: It’s ok, Pop-Pop, I’m glad you’re not dead yet…
Kids are wonderful…:wink:


Folks, I opted to delete all posts that were not relevant to my original post expressing gratitude to the community and sharing the perspective I’ve gained living with diabetes.


@CatLady, this was great to read. And congrats on 8 years!

Conversations like this are wonderful. I had a similar conversation with my son a few years ago. We checked his BG because he had been real thirsty and wasn’t feeling well. Just a quick sanity check.

He said to me that if he was a diabetic, it wouldn’t be a big deal because it didn’t look like it had stopped me from doing anything.