When your mother follows your CGM

You know what’s worse than having a CGM that lags and flashes arrows in the wrong direction? Having a follower who shouts out what he believes your trend to be when he’s only paying attention to a third of the alerts and a mother who busts down your door with an emergency eggsalad sandwich based on what she hears from that follower when your blood sugar is actually an 82. Just as you’ve got one leg in the shower.


:laughing: So sorry. This is one reason I’m grateful I don’t have the ability to have followers…my Libre often reads lower than actual BG, and at night that means I’m frequently showing in the 40s-60s, so any followers would have some frequent freak-outs.


Not sorrier than I am. All jokes aside, this is the second “emergency egg salad” scene we’ve had in about 3 weeks…

And egg salad:thinking:

Can I get your mom to follow me?


I know it feels like you’d want that… trust me.


Add a little Gojuchang to the egg salad and you have a winner!

@Chris, don’t ever look in my fridge or pantry. You’d think me uncivilized.


As long as you can whip together a proper hot dish using some combination of hamburger, cream of something soup, canned green beans and tater tots you will whisk me to my childhood and I won’t remember to be judgmental.


That’s hilarious!

I grew up absolutely LOVING my mom’s hashbrown casserole. Favorite food memory of entire childhood.

And then I made it one year to take to a family holiday.

OMG. Cream of something soup looks nothing like it apparently tastes. I cannot make that dish AND eat it now. I can either make it. Or I can eat it and pretend like I don’t remember what things go into it. But I can never do both.


Growing up in Minnesota, and attending a Lutheran church pot luck, you learn some things about life.

  1. Lutheran’s really rock in the making theological rules optional.
  2. You can figure out who, despite using the same ingredients as every other hot dish on the table, makes a fantastic hot dish by watching who the older ladies hustle over to get once the food is served.
  3. If you are slow at a Lutheran pot luck, you could end up with inedible hot dish.
  4. Avoid the coffee if caffeine affects your ability to sleep

Add a little what?

Her egg salad is dangerous enough with all that anxiety jammed in there.


I saw Garrison Keillor perform Prairie Home Companion live once. He’s an amazing storyteller.

This post is reminiscent of PHC…



Mmmm that stuff is so good.


…that’s how I feel about queso. Grew up in Texas, loved the stuff. But show me a can of Rotel and a block of Velveeta and you’ve officially killed my appetite for queso.


:laughing: I spent a good percentage of my growing years in TX (and am back there now), and yet I looooove (what we call) rotel dip. It’s not anything remotely like queso, so I don’t even think of it as queso…but I do love it. I’ve even been known to mix a pack of dairy free cream cheese with a can of rotel on rare occasion to imitate the taste for my dairy-free self. :blush:


I have a feeling this is exactly what my son says about me to his T1 pals.

I guess my only advantage is that I don’t have a recipe for egg salad :slight_smile:


Every third alert. That’s what he was calling out. It’s like having an additional Guardian.

Sorry. I can’t stop myself from the endless low blows.

Did you start this thread, or was this a sleep post? :grimacing:


I split the part of the Random D Thoughts thread where you were talking about your mother :slight_smile:. It did not look so random to me…

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How about going to Boy Scout camp, AND, none other than YOUR DOCTOR is also there with his son. I swear I could not do anything w/o his eagle eye prying. I was ordered to always carry a tube of decorator frosting, in case of a hypo at camp. (that was a camp order, I did not know my Dr was going to be there)

Example, one morning I was eyeing Applejacks for breakfast, There he was, his laser eyes drilling a hole in my head, like don’t you dare! So, I skipped the Applejacks.

When I was in 9th grade, All my teachers watched me close the rest of the school year. I had been hospitalized with hepatitis, and the fear was I might have a diabetes relapse.

You see, a few months earlier, before the hepatitis, I had a nasty bout of pancreatitis, I was told I would likely end up on shots & have to eat ON SCHEDULE. I narrowly escaped that, at least then.

I expect there are others here, that can tell TRUE tales , even more bazar than either of ours. (OP & mine)

PS I have a CGM, but NOBODY follows my BG. I did have to disable overnight alarms, my WIDE would wake me if I did not awaken to an alarm… NO overnight ALARMS for me, or set the alarms to reDUCKulus values, like 40 or 50 and well over 200.