One of these things is not like the other - A discussion of CGM and Meter accuracy

Yes CGM is a useful tool at times. But the way I hear so many people rave about it, it just makes me feel like it is incredibly overrated. Why would I ever want to allow a pump to make decisions for me based on this kind of stuff?


My sentiments exactly. You know our experience…it’s great for trending, but we never ever ever ever (x 1,000,000) treat based on the CGM number.


Are you with me in the no-loop club? I think it may be a small club at some point, but I don’t see myself leaving it.


I want to be in the closed-loop club one day…but technology and the ability to control the disease in someone Liam’s age, I don’t think, is there yet…so until I’m comfortable that it’s been tested and vetted enough by the brave and fearless, we’ll stick to the traditional no-loop system that works great for us and I have full control over.

What I want, in order:

  1. The vanquishing of diabetes
  2. A fully functional, widely tested and proven-accurate closed-loop system

…until either of those 2 things happen, I’ll take

  1. No-loop - more control, less chance of under/over-dosing.
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I think it will be a very small club 15 years from now :slight_smile: Just look at what has happened with game-playing AIs. When I was in college, people were writing science fiction stories about AIs beating humans at chess…

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Sensor accuracy needs to be greatly improved before I’d be willing to try closed-loop!


I would do it if the treatments were based off of blood glucose readings…

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What’s the no-loop club??

Sticking with traditional pump + CGM, or MDI + CGM, or MDI + GM only.

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I’m in.

Hey, I put back on my Guardian last night to test out the “updated transmitter”.

All day. It’s quite entertaining.


62!! You better suspend your basal for a few hours.

No wait, I am 122!

Nope! No insulin for you!


I wanna see you in a 670G, @Eric. I would pay serious cash for this. A true battle of wits. An epic battle… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I will donate to a GoFundMe site to cover the expenses.
As long as we get a live GoPro recording of the event.
With Audio. Uncensored.

This would be the best entertainment ever.


Best entertainment ever. :rofl:

Maybe he could finally learn something about good management. :roll_eyes:


Oh - we could get GoPro recording of all the TechSupport calls as well.

(You know. Just on the off chance if the sensor is not accurate or the device does not allow bolus or just the way off possibility the device has any sort of “issues”.)



Is GoPro live?? Because I would throw in extra cash for anything live…


We’d need to GoPro Nicky, too, so that we can hear her coaching/training/tough loving Eric thru learning the ways of AutoMode. I would pay for that.


Me too @T1Allison. Let me know where to. Send the $


Nicky: “Eric, put the pump in a ziplock bag. Write a date and time on it.”
Eric: “Why?”
Nicky: “Who’s the Dark Side Trainer here? Just do it! You are not yet wise!”
Eric: “Okay. Thank you for your help.”
Nicky: “Did you also buy the other stuff that I told you to buy?”
Eric: “Yes…but I don’t understand what I need paper bags for…”
Nicky: “We’ll get to that when you’re ready.”
Eric: “My pump is doing something stupid that I need to override.”
Nicky: “You’re tougher than this. Don’t open the ziplock! Look at that date and time! Let the pump work for you!!”
Eric: “I’m starting to freak out…”
Nicky: “Now write the date and time on a paper bag.”
Eric: “Okay. Now what?”
Nicky: “Start breathing into the bag. Calm yourself down. And hang it as a reminder of the last time you distrusted me and Automode.”
Eric: “Oh, I see now!”
Nicky: “Welcome to the Dark Side.”