5 fun facts about yourself

I know we have this over on tu but why not start a thread over here :smile:…write 5 facts about yourself that you would want people to know about you :smile:. You could learn something new about a person on here. So here we go

  1. i have two different color eyes. My left one is a green/hazel shade and my right is a brown shade. It is a rarity for people with two different color eyes

  2. i am hearing impaired and enjoy music. I sing, play the piano and the violin. I use to play the cello and flute. I am horrible at learning the base guitar and still need lots of practice

  3. the first country outside of the USA ive been to was israel…canada came next

  4. im related to amelia earhart by marriage and related to the founder of the state of maine

  5. i have an obsessions with penguins. they are my favorite animal. i know so much about them. my penguin collection at home is big.

so whatcha say huh?


first off, amymc, great idea.

  1. when i enjoy reading a book by a particular author, i read EVERYTHING that they have ever written, including letters to their editors, etc.
  2. i am adopted and have no idea about the health of my biological family.
  3. i once delivered a calf while living on a farm in upstate NY ( i also lived on a farm in VT and milked goats, cows, worked in fields all day, slaughtered chickens (ick)
  4. my first book was published right after college (i went to Vassar in Poughkeepsie, NY, upstate where it is always beautiful :sunny:.)
  5. i used to be both fluent in french and spanish but have not used either language in so many years that i have forgotten almost everyting.

what is the title of your book??? :smile:

and neat facts!


believe it or not, i can barely remember the title of the book; i think it was called Little Book of Memories, published by bantom books.(it is long out of print )

i have also written for many health magazines, disability magazines, and a religeous jewish magazine, called Amit, on many different occations on a wide variety of topics.

manly i write short fiction collections, but i am working on a novel called Awnings and Other Costumes, based loosely on my college experiences and my first marriage and subsequent divorce.

my favorite authors are (in no particular sequence):

Grace Paley, Murakami, Virginia Wolf, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Raymond Carver, Kafka, Capote,Chekhov, Gogol, Hemingway (but not all), Tom Robbinns, Charles Bukowski, Durrenmatt, Camus, Nora Ephron, and OMG, there are so many more i would have to open an entire new thread just to list them. (can you tell i love to read :wink: ?)

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its a shame that your book is out of print! i wouldve of loved to read it. ive heard of amit…my rabbi use to read it. i dont have any favorite authors. ok but im related to her…my grandma. she just published a book :slight_smile:

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that is so cool. what a small world it is!


@amymc, what a great thread, and what a great post from both you and my favorite @daisymae!

I had to scratch my head to find 5 fun facts about myself: I am on the boring end of the spectrum! I am afraid those I found are not that much fun:

  • my favorite interest and subject of investigation is Mykenaian Greece, i.e. pre 1200 BCE

  • Although I was born French, I was born and partially raised in Africa (French Navy brat)

  • I am in the midst of writing a translation of a Euripides play—although I sometimes doubt that I will ever finish it (and more than likely nobody will buy it)

  • I have a PhD in Control Engineering, but I never used it in my industry career (although I did work as a control engineer after my MS and before my PhD)

  • For almost 20 years, I did not spend a day without reading at least one book (I read very fast). I broke that uninterrupted record after my younger son was diagnosed with T1D :frowning:


i never used my degree as well. it was hard to find a job in it. and thats cool that about who you are. are you still in africa?

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It’s really hard for me to think of interesting facts about myself.

If I practice I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute

I am a ship captain and believe I am first class pilot for more areas than anyone else possibly in the world.

My goal is to retire at age 40

The furtherst glimpse into the known universe was sighted by the Hubble telescope through a “gravitational lens” created by a supercluster of galaxies known only by my name and its number. (As are all other superclusters)

I haven’t seen sunlight this month.


what type of planes do you pilot?

Ships, not airplanes, I’m a marine pilot

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simper fi! i was born on a marine base :slight_smile:

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He means for ships!

Living in WI right now, deep Midwest :slight_smile:

oh so water marine…got it :slight_smile:…and in the land of where you dont get much snow lol…and the cheese state.

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Pretty darn cool, @Sam—although I hear it has some effect on depression.

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I can attest to that… it’s actually a bit of a stretch to say I haven’t seen “sunlight” as there are several hours of daylight where I live, but I certainly haven’t seen blue sky

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several hours of daylight? so it is dark most of the time? it almost sounds like alaska as i know they have that as well

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Almost like Alaska, yes

We’re just a few days from the winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year and is usually a big celebration, near the summer solstice it doesn’t really get dark at all

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You don’t want to use those skills after age 40? :astonished:

i neve rthought that WI would be sort of like alaska

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