2018 Weather

Many other members of Fud have shared posts of the crazy weather we are all experiencing this year. I wanted to share a pic of sunny California to cheer everyone up.


i wish i had a picture of our 4th nor’easter in brooklyn, ny , but you cant see in front of you through the snow :wink:

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Here’s hoping for a Green April Fool’s Day !!!

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DM, go take that photograph! It will make for a good story later. And you never know, it might turn out great.

I’m glad we’re getting rain in California, but I sort of wish that it was spread out over more than one or two days!

You could always come north to the PNW, we got rain every day covered for half the year.

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It’s crazy just because it’s raining?

After so many years of droughts, rain seems like an aberration in the weather pattern. Today there is blue and fluffy white stuff in the sky, and something sort of yellowish that hurts when you look at it.

does Brooklyn NYC NOT know that it is Spring already??? WTF.

nor’easters, snow blizzards, freezing weather and tons of cold rain showers.

where’s the sun, for Gods sake? i am waiting…(hummm) :disappointed_relieved:

The sun is hiding in California this week…

If the California politicians would have only followed Mulhollnd’s water storage plan for a growing California, then there would be no droughts. Coulda , shoulda, woulda.

@docslotnick that is very true. Similarly, if they had not torn out the light rail that ringed the SF Bay Area in the early 1900s in favor the car, we would not be plagued with heinous traffic and “self-driving” cars.

On a personal note, very glad to see you back @docslotnick

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Thank you very much @elver !

i am still in Brooklyn NYC and still waiting for it to realize that not only is Spring here, but that Summer is on its way. whats up with the teaser 80 degree days that are consistently followed by weeks of cold and rain?

whats up with that???