4 days and nights and counting

The nor’easter that passed through the east coast last Friday knocked out our power and it’s been out ever since. I feel like we’re living in the TV show “Revolution”… Whick I loved btw.

We’ve had to open four separate work requests… one per day and although they fixed things… We live so far in the woods that there’s just more broken. Hundreds of trees broken and down. At least a fifty laid across the roads leading to our home.

I spent Friday and Saturday night sawing trees out of the roads for neighbors. We had two brief period of electricity today (Erin managed to get a shower) but as I sit here typing this on my phone, were still in the dark.

Fortunately, I thrive on this survival crap… Not so much Erin. :smiley:. Interesting to have a three week old baby and a recovering mama in a… Going on five days now. Power outage.

On a bright note, one of my sons and I got a Boston in spades yesterday which is the first I’ve personally had in at least 20 years. You never see them… Like Hailey’s comet.


my power only flickered on friday. my mom who lives down the street from me lost power. ive heard neighborhoods that the trees got knocked over and power lines got knocked over. good thing i wasnt in boston tho. some areas got a bit of a flood going on

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I feel for you! I did not realize you were at risk to be so affected :frowning:

Congrats on the Boston! I have not played Spades for probably 10 years, now you are throwing me back into that groove…

Wishing you and the whole family the best right now. Is the insulin safe?

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So, after 5 days and 4 nights, our power was restored at around 3PM today and we hope that this is the last time the lights turn on, then back of again shortly thereafter.

With every situation in life there is room for learning and teaching. What I learned from this event is that although it would suck to lose power forever, it could still be manageable to survive… (Albeit Erin’s showers may go from 3 per day to three per month.)

What I wanted the kids to take away from this is a very valuable lesson that I learned early on life. You are sometimes exposed too or put in really crappy situations that you wish you were not in. You have a choice in how you react under those situations. You have a choice in the kind of feelings and emotions that you allow yourself to be overcome with.

We could have sat around since Friday bitching and moaning about how life isn’t fair, but that would not have changed anything. Instead, we did what we always do: Keep our chins up, stay positive, play games to pass the time, and look forward to better times ahead.

Too many times we all allow unfair life events to control is, anger us or change our life trajectory.

Keeping a positive attitude makes all the difference.


This is truly a great lesson for the kids.

Funny how so many negative events turn out to have a very positive outcome in some ways. 20 years from now, possibly nobody in your family will remember this storm, but if the lesson is learned, it will have made an incredible difference to the boys.

I wish I was always able to see the positive as you have here!

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