Zombie sites?

I heard a new term today…”zombie” sites. My understanding is that it’s a theory that an old overused area can trap insulin in scar tissue then suddenly burst and you get a huge unexpected bolus? Sounds f’n terrifying…is this a real thing? I’m scared because I overused my stomach for like 7 years with the Omnipod since I couldn’t wear it successfully anywhere else. Didn’t even rotate it much just left to right back and forth mostly.


I have not heard that term before, but it does indeed sound scary.


I haven’t heard of that happening. I’ve heard of impaired absorption where it seems as if the insulin wasn’t even injected, but I never heard of it pooling and then later making a big quick dump of all that backlogged insulin. I’m guessing that if it were at all common it would be widely known because a bunch of people would have gotten into serious trouble.


I heard it mentioned in this video: emergency low blood sugar | scariest type 1 diabetes experience - YouTube

The YouTuber herself (if I recall) hadn’t heard of it either, it was her commenters who suggested it?? I’m going by memory, so yeah…take with a grain of salt.

I’m going to ask my Endo about it at my next appointment, and will report back when I hear.


My ex-endo identified that as a potential issue; a site that no longer delivers the expected response to insulin. Possibly a delay but I would imagine that unexpectedly rapid adsorption is possible.

There’s a medical concept of “necrotic tissue” which would be the extreme of this - dead cells/scar tissue making up a significant part of our subcutaneous fat. The zombie description seems appropriate although almost certainly only in the hollywood movie sense.