Zealand's shelf-stable glucagon formulation is approved

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Here’s hoping a microdose option and a pump option become available soon!


This stuck me as hilarious!


3/27/2021: Zegalogue™ (dasiglucagon) HypoPal® Rescue Pen

Zealand Pharma’s Zegalogue HypoPal Rescue Pen is seeking approval from the FDA as a glucagon analog, stable in liquid formulation as a ready-to-use pen injector for treatment of severe hypoglycemia in patients with diabetes. Zegalogue was tested in both adults and pediatrics in three Phase 3 clinical trials. Zegalogue met the primary and all key secondary endpoints, demonstrating a median time to blood glucose recovery of 10 minutes. This compared to 40 minutes with placebo and 12 minutes with GlucaGen.

How would you like to be one of the participants in a trial testing a glucagon rescue pen, and you get the… placebo!!

WTH??! Thanks a lot, clinical trial overlords!


I know, I’m confused by this, who volunteers to have their blood sugar lowered to 40 mg/DL and then just sit around at that level???

Also it feels like the appropriate comparator is regular glucagon.


Can you imagine just sitting around at 40 for 40 minutes. That doesn’t sound like fun in my book. Hope they compensated the patients well.

@Eric? :laughing: … Only the bravest souls.


Yeah, sometimes I do that when there isn’t even a research study going on. :grinning:

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