Shelf-Stable Glucagon Approved

It’s here seems. Although it’s not for mini-dosing yet.


Sure it is.

It’s really very easy.

Buy some of these:

Inject the glucagon pen into the sterile vial. And then micro-dose away.


I want this. A pen specifically for mini-dosing glucagon is definitely coming at some point in the future, too. I want both and think both will be useful. It will be interesting to see whether people prefer this auto-injector or the nasal spray glucagon.

If this shoots the needle and liquid out with anything near the force of an EpiPen, injecting into a tiny glass vial would be very difficult. Even injecting an EpiPen into fruit is sometimes hard because the force required to activate the needle and the the needle and liquid shooting out so powerfully destroys the fruit.

This seems like a much easier solution to me:

“Also approved was the GVOKE PFS, a pre-filled syringe with the same liquid-stable form of liquid glucagon found in the HypoPen.”


I would put a syringe in the vial (with the syringe plunger removed), so that the air can escape when you inject the glucagon into the vial.

Alternatively, you could remove 1 cc (or more) of air from the vial before injecting into it.

The vials I posted are 10ml. You can easily inject 1ml of liquid into a 10 ml vial of air. Air compresses substantially. And the vials are are much bigger than the liquid volume of the glucagon. Air compresses, but liquid does not.

But yes, of course, a prefilled syringe would be easier than the pen.


I wasn’t so much worried about the air, more the fact that you’re working with an auto-injector. Auto-injectors aren’t like insulin pens…they’re usually larger in size and require a good amount of force/pressure applied to the needle end to activate the needle and injection mechanism, which itself is much more powerful than just pressing down on the plunger of an insulin pen. It’s all a much more violent process than working with an insulin pen.


Here is some more information:

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