Why can’t every night be like this?

After a roller coaster kind of day, I enjoyed a very peaceful night…and I don’t know why! :smile_cat:


Very nice track!

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And why can’t every lunch be like this?

Yesterday I had a big slice of wedding cake a baker friend was experimenting with. Lemon cake with raspberry filling and lemon buttercream icing. It weighed 202 grams (almost half a pound). I multiply most cakes and cupcakes by 0.6, so 120 g carb (more on one plate than I eat in some days), IC ratio of 1:6 meant an injection of 20U, at 1:30 pm, started eating at 2. I don’t usually eat honking big wedges of wedding cake for lunch, but with results like this, maybe I should make it a habit?



Daaaaang, @Beacher… that’s a pretty line. :grin: Makes me think I should try 2 pounds of cake. Thanks for the idea. :grin:

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Wow!! :+1:t3:

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I think that your doctor should be diagnosing big-assed pieces of cake if that means you get to keep that control!


That looks awesome! I had a costco size frosting cupcake for a friend’s birthday party and it shot me to 350 even with 10u. Yikes. It was very good though. If I even have one again, I’ll go with 15u…


If he does that, I’ll be the one that’s big-assed!