Whose Hold Music Do You Prefer?

As a frequent “hold music” patron, I find that Omnipod currently has my favorite soundtrack. Their pleasant mix of soulful alto saxophone and synthesizers reminiscent of the '90’s “As Seen On TV” classic “Pure Moods” is a can’t lose combination!

Second place is Anthem BCBS. Their hold music is upbeat and edgy, but it can wear you out to stay at that energy level for their long hold times.

A very, very distant third place is Edgepark Medical Supplies. They didn’t have hold music when I was their customer. They had horrible recordings about breastpumps and ostomy supplies.

Whose hold music do you prefer?


Nice. Who isn’t clamoring to hear about ostomy supplies?


I really am only used to Medtronic’s, and they’ve got a couple of tracks. One is light and hopeful. It’s tather pleasant, and it barely requires any attention at all. The other has a scary, ominous sound. Interesting selection.


Did you know that Edgepark calls are answered in the order they are received? That’s just a crazy way of doing it. I had no idea until the recording told me that.

I just assumed the calls were answered in some haphazard randomly assigned order.

It seems that answering the calls in the order they are received is probably a bit more fair than all the other places that do it randomly. I am glad they have come up with such a new method of answering the calls.

Good for them, coming up with such an innovative plan!




I bet you are a difficult one over the phone, @Eric. Those poor reps. They have no idea what they’re waking onto. :grin:


I was just thinking about this question when I heard an interview on NPR with a composer who recently won an oscar for his music, and one of his earliest gigs was composing hold music. Anyways, what I’ve noticed is that Dexcom’s hold music shows up everywhere. It’s weird to me because I know the song by heart at this point.

My favorite is UCSF’s, they just play classical music.


Dude you crack me up.

EH used to work for a chip manufacturer when he was in high school. Their hold music (this was before everyone sued everyone for using music illegally): You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones. On repeat. :joy: That’s the best.

We have a local imaging place that does mammograms and CT scans and what not. Their’s is the worst, it lists all of the possible awful health complications you might have and encourages you to ask your doctor for digital screening! Which of course, they offer.

I’m now going to listen for my favorite (you positive person, you!!!)


I generally dislike all hold music. I just don’t want to listen to annoying, repetitive tunes for who knows how long.


Our previous insurance company had the worst. It always made me think of a seriously low-budget porn movie from the '80s: ch-ch, ch-ch-ch, boom … ch-ch, ch-ch-ch, boom … Please hold. Ne quittez pas … ch-ch, ch-ch-ch, boom …


the ch-ch, ch-ch, ch, boom sounds a little bit like the Dexcom hold music. But maybe there are multiple, very similar songs in this genre, LOL.


If they were really smart, they would use the time you’ve been on hold to direct those waiting longest to the newest rep, or the one closest to their end of shift.

I do most of my ordering online, and rarely spend time on calls. However did have pump failure last summer, and that made up for it. Medtronics music at 1 am was horrible.


@Beacher - Funny - I’m pretty sure I know the hold music you’re talking about. The one I’m thinking of also has a bit of synthesizer after the percussion, reminiscent of Loverboy’s “turn me loose”, building to an exciting crescendo.