Who is ARX Patient Solutions?

I received a data breach notice today…from somebody calling themselves “ARX Patient Solutions”. It was just a form letter stating that all my personal info, SS # etc. was hacked away from their servers. But I don’t recall ever doing business with them. I did some googling and think this may be a corp. that owns some pharmacies?

Have any FuDers received this notice data breach and/or does anybody know who ARX Patient Solutions is?

I have not received anything like that. Sorry to hear about it!

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Thanks…the weird thing is I have no idea why this corp. would have my data. So I don’t know if I should be worried about it or not! It looks like they are connected to the pharmacy business and most likely they are the corporate owners of a pharmacy I used at one point or another. But who knows? Still a mystery.

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It looks like they are a services provider. So if someone you use (pharmacy, doctor, insurance company, etc) used their services, that’s why they would notify you about the incident.

Class action on its way, I am sure. So you might get $17. :joy:

I had similar situation several years ago for my PBM. They provided credit monitoring free for a year, with alerts if suspicious activity reported.

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Me too. It seems to be genuine but the problem is working out which provider used them. My current bet is my eye doctor; a diabetic retinal specialist (the guys who stick syringes into our eyeballs), but it may also be my PCP who is a guy who seems to like doing everything by tech. The other alternative is Asante.

Here’s one of several third party reports:

From that article a paragraph that was, I assume, generated from ARx’s shareholder information:

ARx Patient Solutions is the legal name of AssistRx, an Orlando, Florida, company that provides support services to healthcare organizations. The company focuses on providing high-quality patient support services and technology-enabled workflows to simplify the process for both providers and patients. AssistRx has four locations, including in Florida, Kansas and Iowa. ARx Patient Solutions employs more than 500 people and generates approximately $105 million in annual revenue

I’m in Oregon and all my care providers are too. The description of the business does not seem to match Asante as I would expect them to do that stuff themselves.

My next step is to get my wife to 'phone both my PCP and my eye-syringe doc to see if they fess up.

My point in doing this is to work out which of my care providers is using these guys. We don’t know how big the data breach is but we know a lot of data was leaked (since they wouldn’t admit it unless it were true.)

The nature of the “medical information” disclosed is unclear; it could be very serious for some people if the black hats became aware of it particularly given that SSNs were disclosed. The SSN is frequently used to key information to other organizations so having medical information disclosed (information which normally would be private) opens up the very real possibility of blackmail. That’s what the crackers want.

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There’s a 1-866 number at the bottom of the letter and the person who answered was helpful, asking whether I had received payment assistance for a medication etc from a manufacturer scheme. Well, yes, years ago; I used the Eli Lilly co-insurance to reduce the amount I paid for Humalog at Walgreens. Apparently it was the information used to set that up that got leaked. IRC via Eli Lilly on the web, but it was probably a third party provider implementing it.

At least in this case that is fairly minimal; basically just the fact that I’m an IDD and the information required to set up a credit card, hence the credit reporting stuff in the letter.


That all makes sense…I used at least one insulin co pay card back before Medicare. Pretty sure those CCs have all expired since then. I guess I’ll join whatever class action will have me on this one.