What supplies do you carry and how to you keep them organized?


@jim26 and @ned, you both have it all mapped out… by pocket location…

Every single day??


I’m the kind of weirdo that puts everything in the same place always so that I don’t lose anything.



A home for everything and everything in its home.

You could feel the outside of all the pockets in 15 seconds as walking out the door and know if you forgot anything.


i do the same as @ned. Everything is always in the same pocket, or I forget stuff.

@Nickyghaleb, I keep the Glucagon in the top outside pocket - there is nothing else in there except an I>C>E> note, so I won’t get insulin by mistake. BTW, I use the Timbuk2 Commuter backpack. TSA compliant and fits a 15" laptop.


Yup, everyday same location. I can pat my pockets as I walk out the door and immediately know if I’m missing anything.


My husband does this with phone, keys, wallet, etc. If the patting gets more frantic and repetitive on the way out the door, I can tell it’s time to stop what I’m doing and help find his keys or phone or whatever isn’t in it’s pocket :slight_smile:


If only women’s clothing had more pockets…


You all are so organized you’re making my little pouch look like a mess.

I think I’m going to add a thing or two to the messy pouch and keep using it. Then instead of also bringing a separate pouch with pump stuff everywhere, I’ll start a bigger/more organized one I can throw everything in and only take when I’m going to be gone all day and won’t want to/be able to go back home. Then I’ll just have to remember to bring that with me on those occasions🤞


There is definitely something helpful about having “a place for everything” and having a routine. It simplifies matter greatly. As I’ve gotten older, I think my short term memory is just not as good as it used to be. Even with young people, I see it: misplacing cel phones, keys, wallet…etc. as they change bags, go in/out of the house. I’ve read somewhere that short term memory capacity is like computer memory storage. Something goes in, something else must go out.


@Nickyghaleb Tally gear (and others) have the glucagon buttons

Glucagon Alert Buttons with key ring


Good lookin’ out. Us button and patch wearers need to stick together. Now we’ll work on getting you some bags. :grin: I’ll go check it out now—thanks!


@Nickyghaleb the only bags I seem to never forget are the ones under my eyes… Lol


Yep. That’s me. Right down to hitting the same empty pocket five times because I can’t believe it is empty. Panic mode starts to set in. Why is it empty? AAAGGGHHHHH…


I hate it when I have to wear pants that don’t have six pockets. That is always the start of a day that likely is not going to go well.


Hahahaha, yes, this is so familiar. :sweat_smile:


I consider myself lucky if my outfit has at least 2 pockets large enough to hold a phone semi-securely. Whatever they have to do to sell more purses I guess :money_mouth_face:


Yep. Two big pockets are a luxury. More often pants have two small pockets, or those pointless fake pockets, or no pockets at all.




Having pockets certainly helps :slight_smile: but the hard part for me was cutting back on what I was carrying in the first place. All my stuff could fit in a very small bag if I didn’t have pockets.

Relatedly, I’m considering switching to the Tandem t-slim X2 since it has a Dexcom receiver built in, and then upgrading my Apple Watch to a cellular model so I can go out of the house without my phone, reducing my load a bit.


Be aware that the official Dexcom App still does not go direct to the Watch. It still has to route through the phone first.