What should I consume after exercise?

So if you are high, you just stay that way?

You can supplement with injected too. It doesn’t have to just be one or the other.

basal will eventually bring my BGs down. IIts rare for me to be high when I start exercise (my last two years A1C average since I started Afrezza+Tresiba is 5.6, with +85% in range) . But when it happens, I know that Tresiba will eventually bring the BG down. I have started running or biking session with 200 (again, very rare because with afrezza is very easy to control my BGs), usually before the hour mark the BG is below 160 or so.

I don’t like to use injected rapid because of the IOB issues. With injected there was always the unexpected, you do everything right and then something happens. With Afrezza, because its fast in/out as you know, its rare for me to get surprised and have one of those “I did everything right and what is this mother f**** BG doing there” moments.

Its really hard to control when combined with the rest of my life. And I have tried it. For 26 years. And mostly worked (A1C1 <7). But with A LOT of effort. A LOT. With Afrezza I have a level of control with so little effort compared to injected, that I am good.


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I would not want to run that high. When I am running, I usually correct if I get above 130.

I correct too, I just use the injected basal in my body to do it :slight_smile: For me it works best, as injected rapid has the risk for me of a low if I over do it. And it carries more complexity for me.
I try to really keep it simple these days, Afrezza opened a new world of little effort AND good control. So that is how I roll these days.


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How can eat carbs if I am on an extremely low carb diet.

Hi @borijess: I think there must be a typo in your question?

Up front I will say, I am not a big believer in the low carb diet for athletic performance. I know there are benefits for some people to be on a low carb diet, but when it comes to getting the most out of your body in terms of sports, carbs are really important.

Are you on low carb for better BG control? How many carbs do you eat a day, and what type of exercise do you do?

I guess the simple and short answer to your question is - you can’t. If you want to replace carbs, you have to eat them and your low carb diet wouldn’t let you do that.

How many carbs you need depends on many things, but a general recommendation for an hour of moderate intensity exercise everyday is 2.5-3 grams per pound of body weight, or 5-7 grams per kilo of body weight.
(“Carbohydrates for Training and Competition”, Journal of Sports Sciences, 2011)

As you can see, that doesn’t fit into the low carb plan.


Welcome to our forum. :slight_smile:

As a fellow low carber, I’m wondering if your question is rhetorical? If not, have you read Phinney & Volek’s The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance?

If you’d like advice, you might consider starting a new thread about exercising with “alternative fuels.” :wink:

Love details! Keep 'em coming! And thanks to @Gus for the write up and @Sam for the insightful comments.

I don’t know if I will ever get the hand of command+return being the send button. I am so used to it being the stupid iMessage carriage return option, it’s like muscle memory. So here’s an edit of what I meant to say…

EH is struggling with the question “what is the right amount for a MDI to bolus post exercise for a recovery drink option of around 80g of carbs?” The 80g of carbs is half of the total recovery amount of 160g, and takes into consideration all of the factors mentioned above (intensity and type of exercise, body weight, calories burned etc.). He’s bolusing for the 80g, and occasionally a correction (see @Eric’s note). He’s aiming to do it as soon as the run ends (thanks to @daisymae’s swimming thread). Then he hits the shower quickly and has the recovery drink after.

We are making a guesstimate, and sometimes it’s right, and other times it is way wrong. Any thoughts about this?

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We can try to work up some formulas.

Would Campbell Tomato Juice be a good refuel after a long run? Or perhaps as a snack pre-run when BG is on the low side? It has 30% Sodium for electrolytes, and 10mg carbs:


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I think it could be a good part or a refuel. But 10g is not very much.

Depending on your weight and pace, you might be burning anywhere from 500-1000 calories per hour for an easy training (non-race) effort.

Let’s use 600 to make the math easy.

Suppose you were going at a relatively easy pace and your RER was about 0.80, so you were burning 2/3 fat and 1/3 glycogen.

That means in an hour you have burned 200 calories from glycogen, and that equates to 50 grams of carbs. (These are just general ballpark numbers, not specific to you exactly.)

So that can of juice barely touches it after an hour of relatively easy work.

But I think it’s fine from an ingredient standpoint. And I also think it would be good for a pre-run snack. The sodium and electrolytes would be good. A little sodium helps you absorb water better on those long runs and can prevent cramps. So that is also very helpful.

And it also has a good ratio of carbs-to-protein (5-to-1), so from that standpoint for a post-run snack it’s also very good.

So yes, pre-run it’s great. Post-run it’s also great, maybe it’s just a small part of the total amount you need.


Thank you!! This is so helpful!!

I suspected the carb count would be too small, that is why I included in my question as a pre-run snack, too :slight_smile: I was hoping the fact that it had sodium would mean it would be helpful :slight_smile: I didn’t know that it helps absorb water during the run, but I always carry a big bottle of water with me. This is exactly the kind of information I was hoping for! I sometimes resort to drinking my Boost shake pre-run or part of it, if my BG is on the low side. So the Campbell tomato juice will be a good alternative and less expensive :sunny:

Total surprise that it happens to have a good ratio of carbs-to-protein! I didn’t consider that at all!

On a more personal note, I am so glad you are back on this forum!!! I hope whatever you were/are up to while away, went/is going well!! :heart_eyes:

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I use something called SaltStick. When your belly is full of water, sloshing around, it’s hard for your body to get all of that water in, and a little salt can help it absorb. But that is mainly for plain water. If you are ingesting water that includes carbohydrates, the addition of salt does not help it (it does not hurt, but it does not help, because the carbs can do that as well).

Another way of saying it, with plain water, try some SaltStick to improve it. If you drinking something like Gatorade (which has carbs and sodium), don’t worry about it.

Thank you so much!

I hope you will enjoy reading about it here!
For the parents


Thank you!

I’m going to try this! I just drink plain water, no carbs!

Oh, I missed this post! Reading now!

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Hi. Could use a hand here Eric.

I’m officially an insulin dependent T2 but functionally a T1 as I have very little insulin coming out (0.7 cpeptide but no antibodies) .

My Chiropractor suggesting doing 2-3 machines for 10 min each daily. I’ve been going to the workout room at my apartment most nights after work around 10:30 and eating a sensible dinner at 10pm first, bolusing appropriately for the meal.

I do 10 min on elliptical machine #1, 10 min on elliptical #2 and 10 min on a tread mill. I go very slow (walking pace).

Current weight about 225 lbs.

What I notice is I typically start out around 150 glucose. By the time I’m done, it can be near 100 but sometimes after it dips down into the 70s or 80s then spikes back up back to 150 or sometimes higher!

I typically don’t eat or drink anything afterwards. I take a shower and relax before going to bed between 1-2 am.

Any suggestions?

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Sure, let’s start with a little background on your setup.

Are you cutting basal during this time?

Tell me how hard the work is for you. 30 minutes total, right? Is it all easy?

Tell me a little bit about your diet. Low carb? Moderate carb? High carb?

Since you are doing this 30 minutes after dinner, one possible guess is that the exercise is slowing your digestion. When your body is active, it puts the less important stuff on the back-burner for a bit. It focuses everything on the hard work - the exercise. So one possibility is that the food is coming in later, more after the exercise than what you might be used to.

Perhaps an easy adjustment to experiment with is to move dinner to be a little earlier. Start with that and see if it changes anything.

But let’s talk about the other questions I had too.

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Thanks Eric.

Some background.
I just started doing omnipod DIY loop last week. I keep forgetting to cut the basal. I’m also needing to fine tune my settings by a basal test. Needing to find time to do it!

The work is very easy for me. I’m purposely not making it hard because I find that when I do anything strenuous or for a long time, I get bored and stop it. I’m working on consistency hence the changing every 10 min. I’ve been doing this for over a month now and miss a few here and there and take Sundays off but otherwise fairly consistent. I liken it to taking a 30 min walk.

My work schedule is such that I get off at 9:30pm each night, home by 10 when I immediately eat a lower carb dinner of some grilled meat (burger, hot dogs or chicken mostly) and some frozen veggies with butter (brocoli, cauliflower or the like) and try to hit the gym by 10:30. I don’t like to be there any earlier because it technically closes at 9:30 and I don’t want to make too much noise late to wake people up. It’s a converted apartment on the first floor.

I’m not a morning person, so I don’t want to do it in the morning.

Normally I don’t eat or drink anything afterwards except maybe some water.

I guess I must be eating too many calories throughout my day because I have not lost one single pound in over a month doing this. I feel a slight bit more of energy, but I thought I’d feel a major difference.