What is it about Wal-Mart?

So I ate extra carbs before I left the house, had planned my route for the shortest path through the store, slowed my pace…and got my first low alert (set at 100, for Pete’s sake, just for this trip). I reset my alert to 80 after I ate a glucose tab (under my mask). Finished up shopping, sat in a chair at the Subway for a few minutes, got in line to check out…and had another low alert (in the 70s) while leaving the store. Put stuff in the car, ate another glucose tab, and hung out for a few minutes. Treated myself to coffee, all fine, unloaded the car at home and dropped into the 60s. What is it about the black hole we PWDs call Wal-Mart?? :flushed: :crazy_face:


I get the same thing at Target and Home Depot. :grinning:


I think it might be the thing called a Huge effing store. Probably akin to walking three miles just to get through the store. Anyone track their steps? Not to mention the mental gymnastics required to dodge the shufflers and try and keep your distance from the race cart drivers. I swear the cart movement in these stores is just like being on the freeway.


I think that’s…reassuring?? After all, you run marathons! :joy_cat:


WalMart has become my only source for groceries within 25 miles. I don’t drive and am visually impaired. This closest WalMart finally joined the 21st century (years behind other WalMarts) by starting to accept internet orders last July 31st. Now all I have to do is create and submit my order and get a friend to pick it up. All my groceries are waiting at the appointed time and I find that there are no mishaps in product selection. That is my solution to the WalMart problems. I never set foot in there anymore! :smirk:


@CatLady, I was going to post a topic similar to this 'til I saw yours!

I wondered if others have this same problem. It seems I go low anytime I do anything more than sit at the computer which I mostly do! If I go for a short walk or any low intensity activity I will start to go low within 10 or so minutes. But, as soon as I stop the activity, I seem to go right back up and sometimes higher than what I was pre activity. I know I could reduce my basal but that is difficult for impromptu activity. And eating carbs generally does not help since the activity is too short lived for the carbs to be absorbed.

I guess this is just life to be expected?


Since I was diagnosed as an older adult, I feel like this has been (and continues to be) one of the most challenging aspects of living with diabetes. Endless planning and preparation, gah!


Yes, I agree!! :confounded: :crying_cat_face:


Walmart does that to me too! I braved the hoards for preemie diapers since amazon was out and ugh. Went through a lot of my carb stash in my car. No more preemie diapers now though- newborn size are way easier to find and cheaper.


Soon you will enjoy the feeling of buying the packs that are the same size, and same cost, and contain less and less diapers in every pack as they grow.


I get the same thing with Home Depot. I always found it weird. Glad to know others have similar issues.


I think I’ll set a temporary basal on my pump an hour before I leave for a trip to a big box store and see if that helps.


A glucagon pump perhaps, and a “I feel like I’m going low” button? I personally wonder if the body recognizes that it’s going to be expending energy, and somehow temporarily raises insulin sensitivity (incretin hormones created by the brain itself?) Normally, the alpha cells should recognize this, but if the beta/alpha balance in the pancreas is disrupted as much as it is in diabetes (T1 at least), does that screw up some paracrine signalling between cell types?