Tanking (low) while shopping



Early on in reading FUD there were a number of people who discussed how every time they entered a Target or a grocery store their BG went low. And I started paying attention and it happens to EH too! So when you say you have a plan, it makes sense! I do wonder what causes it. We are frequently there late enough that there are no children, but I don’t know what causes it. It’s a real thing though! :kissing_closed_eyes::smile:

Never had a Strategy Before with Lows: Today I closed my Eyes

Oh, it’s real. Big spender or display wrecker…can go one way or the other when I get in there.

And those were my children to which I referred… They’re the main ingredient in my recipe of disaster. :grin:


My theory is that it is the increased brain work from navigating the store, comparison shopping, keeping track of what you need and what you’re spending, plus walking.

With my worst store tank happening during Back to School shopping (which is essentially the worst riddle+Where’s Waldo+roller derby against other frantic moms who need Blue Folders with NO TABS bc the teachers are that specific so everyone in the county needs the same flippin’ color folder and there are never enough), I think the increased brain load theory makes sense. I think I’ve read that your brain uses 60% of your carbs/sugar/whatever, but I’m sure someone will clarify that if I’m wrong. :grinning::grinning:


Classic fight-or-flight response! :smile_cat:


Yes, yup, and absolutely. I hate me some back to school shopping. For me, that kind of hunt is a huge trigger… with the bright lights, the picked through bins, and the crying baby… And like you said, all a backdrop to some ridiculous detail like the color of the tab or if there’s a sleeve inside.

I can crash in any store. I think part of it, at least for me, is the distraction of the activity. If I’m walking down the street and start feeling low, I pop a glucose tablet in my mouth. If I’m in the middle of an aisle with a partial list of dinner ingredients that I’m afraid of forgetting, and there’s one item of that list on either end of the aisle in which I stand, I’ve got competing demands. All it takes is that distraction, and, undetected, I just slip further down the drain.

It can’t be the lights though… that’s an element, but I can eliminate it as a possible cause. I can do the exact same thing shopping online. :roll_eyes:


This makes absolute sense for me. If I’m on a mission, with a list to find or comparisons to make, plus wrangling the toddlers, I run into trouble. If I’m just taking a leisurely stroll through Target, no pressure because I’m just there to grab diapers, and I’m enjoying the break of letting my husband wrangle the kids back home…I’m fine. :laughing:


There I was, in the produce aisle, unable to decide between the broccoli and broccoli rabe…but I shook it off and determinedly continued down the list until I just couldn’t. Checked my BG, grabbed a juice, and parked myself in a thoughtfully placed chair until I recovered.

And speaking of chairs, shame on any store that doesn’t have a chair for customers anywhere in the joint! :angry:


Chairs would be an upgrade, I usually use the floors… Lol


Sometimes I just hang on to the cart for dear life…


That is so very organized sounding. I thought for a second you were going to end up with all of the broccoli, zucchini, and squash, eating an eggplant while standing in a pool of sweat, but you just checked, treated, and sat down. So same kind of story, just with better handle. :roll_eyes:

That’s interesting. I have never thought about that, but it makes perfect sense. I think I’ll ask my local food store if they’ll provide one. And if they don’t, I’ll just fall into one of their main displays next time. :grin:


HA! For you, yes. For EH?!? I don’t think he’s ever comparisoned shopped, or kept track of spending. He does generally remember why we are there (which I generally can’t do. LOL!:rofl:).

But I think you’re right. It’s probably a specific kind of brain activity that goes into making a shopping trip to Target a success.

And wow! The online shopping never occurred to me!!! @Nickyghaleb that is fascinating! Are you sure your house isn’t lit like the inside of a Target? :wink:

@CatLady it’s most stores, I assume. EH just sits on the floor. Which always makes me embarrassed when he’s not low and does this. Which isn’t uncommon. When he’s low, meh, doesn’t bother me. :joy:


Well… This was a pretty difficult decision.


Does he read this? Because that response, I don’t know… like you’re not worried “using his brain” could be the trigger in his case. :rofl:


Target? I just stay out of there. I don’t like the store.

However, I do go to Sam’s or Costco when I want to bring my bG down.

In Costco I once had to grab 5 samples of the O.J. one time. Told the clerk I really liked it. And they have very comfortable furniture to crash on.


You guys do store crashing in style, @docslotnick. I’m taking notes. :grin:


Maybe they should target the T1 consumer niche: obviously there are well positioned already!

As long as they keep on giving samples :slight_smile:


My daughter loves the samples - she always wants to go to Costco. I can’t try any of them due to cross contamination concerns, so I’m always hoping I don’t get in a bind with a low in Costco, because I don’t want to have to buy a whole case of something just to treat a low. :wink:


I’ll never be homeless if I can keep up my Costco membership!


HA! I’ve done that too. But I don’t have diabetes.


You’re going to get me in hot water Nicky! LOL! Nah, EH is one of the smartest guys I know. He’s generally using his brain. He’s just not a comparison shopper. Or a shopper generally. :rofl: