We have arrived in Granada: second stage of a crazy year

We are there!

As many here know, we decided a year ago to take our T1D teenager on a year-long experience around Europe. We sold the business, the house and the cars, put our gear in storage, and left the day after the end of the school year at the beginning of summer.

We flew into Paris, and drove off a day later to spend the next three months traveling around Europe. We targeted the smallest, oldest, most isolated villages and regions. We started in the French countryside South of Lyon and North of the Med. A month later, we drove East all the way to the Czech Republic (now Czechia!) and Hungary, through Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Belgium. After a month there, we drove to far northern Scotland for a couple of weeks, and discovered the Orkneys and the Outer Hebrides. Finally, on the way to our next city of residence, we spent two weeks in the poorest and most isolated mountain provinces of Western Spain and Eastern Portugal, exploring amazing castles and fortified villages of the 11th to the 16th century.

We spent most of that travel time on the go every few days, rarely with access to wifi, and much of the time without any connectivity. We had a grand time! Towards the end, we were starting to yearn for a more stable base… Now we are there! We reached Granada, Spain, this week, and will call this city home until Xmas :slight_smile: Although, as always we are planning many side trips.

Our house is truly lovely. It is called a Carmen, an old fashioned Moorish house with an inside garden and a fountain. Here is the entryway:

We have an extraordinary view from our terrace on to the Alhambra and the Nasrid palace:

My wife and I have come to spend several hours every day working from the garden/ terrace: I am already wondering how we will do without this view and whether we should try to buy this house :slight_smile:

We are laboring hard at getting our teenager registered for a local public school, an exceedingly difficult process for foreigners here… Next, we will try to improve our WiFi so we can get at least 2 hours of consecutive non-stop service :slight_smile: But, even as we are, we will now be able to spend a lot more time in our own community at FUD!


@Michel Keep the photos coming! They are stunning.

Hope all of you are ok. The world is your playground!


Nice to see you have having a good time.

Happy to see your update.


Awesome news, thanks for sharing! Glad to see you online!


Michel, happy to see you here and what an extraordinary experience for all of you. I also love the photos.


Thank you @Michel for the update and photos. I am beyond envious and hope you and your family are having an Unlimited Adventure!!


Glad things have worked out like you wanted. Look forward to the oops stories as well.

Take care!

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There are lots. I intend to tell them all :slight_smile:

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This is incredible! What a gift to your family! (I am so, so jealous!) Jessica

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I am so glad you all like our trip so far!

Since you guys like pics, I am adding one of the inside garden itself:

Later on I will post a pic of my son’s workplace: the lucky guy has the best view in the house.

Btw, the blue water piece is not a swimming pool, just a basin in front of the fountain. We have a bunch of fruit trees, including our own lemons and limes, several olive trees, and a lovely herb garden that we use for cooking.

I just love this place. It will be hard to leave for sure.