Best vacation yet! Thank you, FUD!

I just got back from our best family vacation yet! We went to the beach for five days and it was so much fun! This vacation marks a pretty awesome return to living life since we hunkered down from COVID at my house…but more importantly, it marks a huge improvement in my LIVING with diabetes.

I’ll try to keep this short for an easy read, but this is the first vacation that we’ve gone on without any other family members tagging along to help out with the kids, or honestly, with my blood sugar concerns. My packing said a lot before we even left, because the amount of physical space that my diabetic supplies and back-up supplies took up was the smallest it’s ever been for a vacation. Every day we did the beach, the pool, the non-chain restaurants, the nearby National Parks…and it was all totally fine and relaxed. I swam in the ocean and played in the waves with my kids for hours out of Dexcom range and it was amazing. I know I can feel my lows and I set up my dosing for the exercise and it worked out just fine.

I had gotten to living life in a smaller and smaller box trying to chase bg and being afraid of every “maybe” low that might come along. Seeing @Eric in person and having a blast with him got me rethinking how small I had made my parameters for living. I was only eating at chain restaurants with published carb estimations, I was sticking to the same routines, same everything to try to control everything. My husband is a trooper deferring to what works for me…but I could tell how much he enjoyed eating at a different local restaurant every night on vacation. And after seeing @Eric eat and imbibe a really impressive amount of stuff throughout a few innings, I figured I could start to live a little bit more. I used to be adventurous with bg before having kids…but after having kids, I really reined it all in bc chasing little kids is a whole life phase marked by not having much control over anything. Now that my boys are older and more capable, I can let out the sides of my personal boundaries a bit more and have way more fun.

I took the boys out to one fort by myself bc my husband had to do a work meeting. I really didn’t know where we were going, what to expect, it was hot as heck and I had just done a pod change…but I figured it would be fine. We hiked and hiked and climbed and climbed and it was so much fun. My boys loved it. And I was able to fully enjoy it without distractions.

In summary, community is SO important for life and for tackling challenges. And FUD is the best community that I’ve ever had the pleasure of joining. Thank you for your positive influence and support along the way! I’m getting my groove back!


Just checking in here after some prolonged absences myself to say - what a really nice post! Glad you had such a great time.


Congrats on your new found freedom!!!


Sounds like you had a great time! So happy to hear about your fun, and loved the beach pictures you sent!

I remember every single beach trip I have ever made - from way back at age 5 all the way through recent trips. Every single one of them was great. What wonderful lifetime memories you made not only for yourself, but for your boys too. :heart:

Let’s do it again soon!


Being on the beach under a nearly full Strawberry Moon has been great fun on this year’s vacation!

I have packed the least amount of contingency supplies that I’ve ever packed. It’s funny to see how big of Tupperware containers I’d bring years ago with “try not to die” stuff…down to where I’m at now. #growth

I tried a different approach to my bg yesterday for the 10 hour drive. Of course a stronger basal, but then I’d just inject several units every two to three hours and eat pretty low carb as bg allowed. I don’t know about anyone else, but my insulin effectiveness is SO impacted by my exercise or sedentariness…so the main thing I have to watch out for is the transition from being in the car to suddenly pack muling a ton of stuff into our accommodations. If I have “this doesn’t do ANYTHING when I’m sitting still” insulin in my system upon arrival, let’s just say that I get a massive fueling opportunity.

My road bg yesterday was the best it’s been in those circumstances. I really have no choice but reactionary eating on those days.

Looking forward to a good vacation!


Beautiful! Enjoy your vacation! And no whacking the boys with your dangerous ponytail! :rofl:


Hey @T1allison, love the minivan in your pic. And glad you are able to approach the drive in a different way than years past. Picture looks lovely.


As soon as the diagnostic on the transporter pad finishes, I’m gonna beam myself over to join you!! :flying_saucer: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

Actually we’re heading to the Oregon coast in July…and I CAN’T WAIT!!! :sunny: :shell: :fish: :swimming_woman:t2: :parasol_on_ground: :one_piece_swimsuit: :dark_sunglasses: :footprints:


Plenty of room under the canopy!!!