Big travel with T1D - management challenges

Hi everyone - just back from a month long trip - Boston - So Cal - Japan - Korea - Boston. Missed you all.

I noticed Big changes in insulin usage! on the trip. When I got to asia, I was running seriously low in the morning and then had big spikes in the evening. I think this is due to time zone changes. But keep in mind that your insulin usage may change as you go halfway around the world. Rn I am on my last drops of insulin in the last cartridge I brought along, so that was a little too close for comfort.

I forgot to bring along a blood glucose meter! Can you imagine me writing this even three years ago? No way am I advocating this - it was a big mistake. But I was able to limp along based on my Dexcom (which performed okay - still some wonky times) and my experience. At least I think I was able to limp along, since I never had a chance to check my dexcom readings. Thanks to you guys I was able to keep one Dexcom sensor working for about 19 days, so I only changed it out once during the 30 days on the road.

Gee it’s nice to be home!


Welcome home! Sounds like a wonderful trip despite the missed BG meter!! I could see myself forgetting one, too! Thanks for reminding us!