Vertex clinical trials update


@CatLady Thanks for posting! Given the timeline involved, I might see its release but due to age will not likely be a candidate, but its great to know something is in offing for those that follow!!


Please explain; what’s the new definition of T1D that means we are not insulin dependent unless we get some magic treatment?

I can assure yall that I’ve been insulin dependent without any treatment!


Yes, everyone is insulin dependent. The only question is how we get the insulin!

But I am sure they they mean independent from exogenous insulin.


But I am sure they they mean independent from exogenous insulin.

I’m pretty sure the post originally said:

A third patient with type 1 diabetes becomes insulin-dependent after VX-880 stem cell treatment.

Note the lack of the “in” in “insulin-[in]dependent”. I do notice these things. Of course web pages get corrected even after the machine corrects the original correct scripture…

I did try the Wayback Machine, but alas it no longer works and the web site in question seems to be doing things that block it.

I don’t think I make mistakes like that.

Of course there are many pasts yet only one future; that’s a religious statement, not a political one. It might be scientific.

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Great article - thanks for posting.

The way I read the study, one participant had a dramatic reduction in external insulin required, while the second participant was not so much. Pretty interesting.



My father-in-law sent my wife the following on an MIT effort to help T1s (An implantable device could enable injection-free control of diabetes). It may be associated or supplementary to the Vertex effort, but thought folks might like to know about it. Again, its good to know there is hope and efforts being made that some of the younger folks suffering from T1 may benefit from, perhaps even from some of us older folk!