Upgrade to Libre 3 from Libre 2 (using xDrip+ on Android)

Greetings all ; not posted for a while, so please forgive asking a question that has likely already been asked. Do members recommend upgrading from the Libre 2 to 3? What are the pros and cons? The main one i’m aware of is the 1’ vs 5’ updates, which i think i would find very useful (as well as the smaller size).

I often find myself looking at the ‘Show Libre Trend’ function, showing the minute-by-minute history for the last 45mins, to establish a trend-change, ahead of time.
Is there a reason this function is hidden in a menu, and isn’t out in front on the main page? I guess there must be, but it isn’t clear to me.

Are there any compatibility challenges i should be aware of with Libre3 and xDrip on a Samsung Galaxy (22, overdue am upgrade to 24) ?

Many thanks all, as always,

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@john_coburg Sorry but there doesn’t seem to be many Libre users here. Perhaps checking another site like facebook may be in your best interest to find out what you need. Sorry no other advise from me. I use Defcon7 err I mean Dexcom.

Best luck in your search. :smiley:

I believe we do have Libre users here. Hopefully one will chime in they are able to assist.


@john_coburg ,

Sorry I just saw this post!

Libre 3 has been great for me, way smaller sensor, and seems to have better Bluetooth range. I’ve not lost a sensor yet due to door frames, etc, in about 2 years usage.

Failure rate is maybe 20%, but they’re good at replacing those.

I don’t use the factory app, since I don’t care for it. Different apps exist for Android, but not every user wants to do that.