Upgrade Insulin Container Day

So, last prescription fillup as I was putting away the insulin, I noticed the old container was bursting at the seams so I ordered some new containers. They’re very big and nice and still fit in the fridge. Here’s some pics of the old -vs- new containers and how they look in the fridge.

I ordered these.

Old Bolus Insulin Container

Old Basal Insulin Container

Old Bolus and Basal Insulin Containers, stacked

New Bolus Insulin Container

New Basal Insulin Container

New Bolus and Basal Insulin Containers in Fridge

Old container stacked on top of the New container

I’m a fan! The new containers will fit about 3x the amount of insulin to each container as the old ones did. Yes they take up more room in the fridge but when your stash grows that’s expected. :slight_smile:



That should last a while!


Nice containers, any thought about getting some vials instead of the pens. Those pens are taking up a lot of room.

I switched to pens based on the conversations we had here in FUD. I like have the pens because there isn’t any work required in the event we’re out and about and the POD fails and we don’t have a POD…we just keep a stash of the pen caps and when/if his POD ever fails we can just MDI on the spot w/o having to extract insulin from a vial. Also, it’s my understanding that you get more insulin with the pens.

I think what you are saying makes sense, but the storage space is rough compared to a vial, perhaps a mix of the two would give you a good balance. My son always carries a pen vial (which we refill from vials thanks @Eric for showing us the way) with a syringe which is in his testing kit. It is really space saving and inconspicuous (which eventually becomes important to the kids) so as long as he has his meter, he has the ability to MDI.

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When we’re out and about, I always carry a vial with me as well just as a plan B (or is it C?) Our prescriptions sometimes give us vials AND pens so I also have a surplus of vials (maybe 30 vials or so)


Always good to have many options, and a stash, regardless of size!