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I just got an email from Caremark saying they’ve auto renewed my afrezza rx and sent me 9 more boxes. They’ll be here tomorrow. I’ll have to devote this fridge exclusively to insulin after this. My main fridge broke down on me last week and I am stuck with using my smaller fridge for food and putting all my insulin in the wine cooler. Will be quite an impressive stash when those 9 extra boxes of afrezza arrive


Hmmm: insulin — wine — insulin. Difficult priority choices for this wine cooler.

Congrats on the easy peasy re-apporval btw!

Well as you can see there are still a couple racks open for wine. If they get used up I’ll have to switch to box wine…

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Get one sweet red and one sweet white box, mix in the glass and then you have breakfast wine! Tada

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My prior authorization lasts 1 year, the doctors prescription lasts one year also independently of the PA and Caremark can be set to auto renew with the doctor, for some reason that makes no sense to me if the customer has auto refills off but auto renewal on, it still sends a refill when it auto renews

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Insulin injection with a wine chaser? :smiley:

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That’s how you build an insulin stockpile btw… make sure you’re just into the next packaged quantity for a 90 day supply and then just let them auto refill…

E.g. If you use 20 units a day you physically need 1800 units for 90 days… but boxes come in 1500 units-- and you need 2 boxes, which is 3000 units, but it can still be remewee every 90 days… and before you know it you’ve got a hoard. Am hoping to see more similar pictures

I’ve got quite a collection of PODs now. I have 12 boxes of 10 each. Each box covers 30 days, so we have a years worth built up already that we haven’t had to use yet. But we get EVERYTHING every 90 days whether we need the supplies or not. In our mind…we just never know when hardship will hit and we want to be as prepared as we can for it in the event it ever happens (or the inevitable zombie apocalypse)

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Do bear in mind that there’s a significant likelihood pods won’t work following an electromagnetic pulse… I encourage everyone to have pens or vials and needles as well

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For us PWDs or parents of CWDs, the zombie apocalypse is getting new private health insurance with a preexisting condition.


You don’t even need an EMP, we have had issues with pumps or sites during games or outings, and we now carry needles and a pen cartridge everywhere we go.

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I wonder if our doctor would approve both the vials and the pens at the same time? Does anyone use BCBS and get both? I believe they offer us these but we decline them (but I’m not certain @ErinElizabeth)?

That is so true Michel. That scares the ■■■■ out of me more than anything else…disgusts, and scares me.

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I would think your insurance might not like it… can always just ask for a prescription for syringes too… or just buy them with cash— you don’t need a billion of them if they’re for emergency use only, a couple hundred would last for years if reusing

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Luckily you both have group insurance where preexisting conditions have never been an issue…

If they do, my personal reflex would be to take it all, pay all the copy you need, and stockpile. As you wrote, who knows what can happen?

FYI, I have been working on my insulin cooler set-up, and will post my latest progress in the next few weeks.

We do get a box of syringes! So we’ve got that covered…just not the prefilled MDI pens. Since they only deliver .50 lowest unit, though…they’re something we hardly ever use, but in emergencies, we’d use them.

Thanks to Obamacare. :wink: And if the Employer mandate is done away with (which the current bill looks to do), who knows what our future will look like.

I think it’ll look exactly like it did before Obamacare…

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