Updated (with photos): Blood blister... Pop it? popped it

It first started after poking my finger but instead of the normal poke I used like 6 points instead of 3 by accident (poke depth)
It got a little swelled but then I pinched it… it bled and then after couple of days it became like the photos…

Should I pop it? If yes… how? Skin around it is kinda thick… I think it’s just the old dead tissue The diameter hasn’t got any bigger. Nor the height but I feel the pressure (from the blood inside)

Photos here:

If there is pressure inside that is uncomfortable, then yes. Use an alcohol swab and an insulin syringe.
(They are great tools for all kinds of stuff like that. I don’t know how the non-D’s remove splinters.)

Then clean it real well and put on some Neosporin and tape it up.


This is what I have used when someone in the family gets a blister. I don’t just use the syringe to poke a hole in the blister, I use it to draw the fluid out. That might be what you were thinking too. It works very well!

@Israel Ouch! The pics look like it is very sore! Best of luck to you!



So I poked it, tried to cut the thick dead skin in the surrounding and now my finger looks like this. The uncomfortable pressure is gone, it bled a lot… Now I only feel a small lump if I press the finger against something…

Thinking on going to see a doctor… don’t know if I need stitches or how to lower the ‘little red ball’

Any thoughts, ideas?? I have liquid antiseptic and neosporin at hand.

Photos here:
Photo 2
Photo 3

@Israel That looks sore! My husband’s podiatrist does not like peroxide or alcohol for wounds. He says it actually hurts the tissue, rather than helping it. His preference for a cleaner is sterile saline solution or Vashe wound cleansing solution. Vashe is expensive and not that easy to find in our local area; it has to be ordered in.

Because of its location, on your finger tip, clean it, apply a little (as in not a lot at all) neosporin, and a fresh bandage several times a day.

If it doesn’t look better by Monday, call and make an appointment.


I agree with @Tapestry - keep it clean over the weekend and get it checked out if you don’t notice improvement.

I’ve gotten a lot of advice that soap and water are good ways to clean small wounds like that (or stitches, for that matter). Nothing aggressive, but keeping it clean helps. Also petroleum (or petrolatum or Vaseline) jelly is the recommeded stuff to put on wounds from a few different doctors lately - keeps it from scarring as badly I guess?

I’m sorry it is busted and bugging you. Hoping it heals fast!