Unlimited tennis player!

Not usually fond of NY Post stories and the description of T1D here leaves much to be desired, but this man’s story is quite inspiring: http://nypost.com/2017/08/28/how-uva-graduate-with-diabetes-became-a-us-open-inspiration/


Nice story.

Agreed about the writing, though! Anyone on this site would have given a lot more information about his treatment that this writer left out. They didn’t tell us anything about how he manages it, meals, dosing, IOB, carb intake during matches, testing between sets…


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I love his picture with a Dexcom sensor on his back while he is playing a US Open game :slight_smile:

Is it an infusion set on his belly?

Sure wish the article told us!

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Apparently an infusion set that is disconnected from the pump. Too small for the pod. No tubing.

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QUESTION: Just tell me how the monitor works. it’s attached to you when you’re playing?
ARAGONE: It’s called a DexCom, so I have two things. I have a DexCom and then I have an insulin pump. The DexCom is great. What it does is, it checks your sugar for 24 hours and it gives you instant notifications to a little receiver. That helps me because it also tells me, okay, your sugar is going up, it’s going down, it’s stable. That’s great for on the court.
QUESTION: That’s an everyday you play thing?
ARAGONE: Yeah, I use it. I change it every seven days. The other is an insulin pump, which I have to change every three days, which that monitors my sugar. That I can’t use on the court, because it’s pretty heavy and can’t be jumping around, so that is where it gets kind of tricky. Especially now at the Open, it’s tough because they don’t want me to inject myself on the court, so if I need it, I have to call in Medical, and it’s a whole time-out, it’s a whole dilemma. They’re really not very helpful with that.
QUESTION: So you’re wearing the DexCom, the DexCom thing is what you’re wearing?
QUESTION: And that is constantly monitoring you… What is it, like, in your skin or something? Or is it …
ARAGONE: Yeah, it’s, I don’t know if you can see it. It’s right over there. (shows the device attached to his left hip)
QUESTION: Oh my gosh. So it’s like a little device.
ARAGONE: Yeah. It’s a little Bluetooth sensor that I change every week.


You need to apply for a job at the Post.

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I was there two weeks working with the post press machines. That was enough - no need to go back.