Gosh Diabetes is Fun at Night

3 Days, 3 Different Results. Sure, we can parse out why, mostly chalked up due to exercise differences, but man this is a fun disease. :slight_smile:

Through somewhat sleepy eyes after getting up to help treat the low alarm…

Resized, hopefully that fixes it. (Note: Image is only Midnight to 6 am)


@Chris, even by clicking on it I can’t get the pic to open. If you send it to me I"ll try to resize etc.

I resized it, did that fix it?


Made it smaller. Was that the intent?

Post the original pic again…it was easier to see.

Original pic has been reposted.

@Chris, do you find that exercise makes a difference to hormone peaks?

Also – I thought your boy won’t wear a Dexcom?

On some nights I have to cut my basal injection by over a half. Exercise is a huge factor.


Good question, I would say sort of. I think an increase in exercise makes him more insulin sensitive, and if he is going to have a low, it makes it more likely. That said, when the hormones are raging, I can’t detect that exercise makes the highs any lower. So I guess my short answer is that no, I don’t think exercise affects the hormone highs. :frowning:

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I wish we had the balls to cut basal, but the hormone highs make it so hard. If we cut on a hormone night, then he flys over 300. I am really looking forward to some steady state numbers.


That’s a funny comment because sometimes it is purely a gut call and you wonder if you are doing the right thing. I’ve actually said to myself - “this is stupid…” when taking a crazy-different basal injection, and then it turns out right, and you wonder how it worked.

I know the hormones make it more unpredictable. That’s a completely different bunch of worry than the exercise!


Not my boy, he has been Dexcomming almost everyday since last October. He was a little resistant at first, but since we started, he has now come to trust himself less, and has anxiety on those nights when he isn’t wearing it. Which I am not super happy about, so now we make him take at least one or two nights off every 3 weeks, and show him that he is more resilient than he thinks.


That’s a great idea. We should do that too. It would show me that he is more resilient that I think :slight_smile: He is quite confident… I am the scaredy one. I don’t sleep well when he doesn’t wear his Dexcom.

Well, this looks awful. I’m sorry, @Chris. Echoing @docslotnick’s thoughts from elsewhere. You parents have my deepest respect and sympathy. I joke about keeping our children alive every day. You are actually doing it. Bravo, @ClaudnDaye, @Michel. @TiaG, @Bradford. Apologies to those I’ve missed.


Forgot to mention… Similarly to you, @Chris:

  • TDD today: 49, and it’s not over, big peak ongoing

  • TDD yesterday: 33…