Unicorn Night


Well last night was a very unusual night for us, but when it happens it feels so good…




AWESOME! Those nights really are the best, aren’t they?



But don’t you know that Cody is supposed to wear the Dexcom, not you?


So great! They don’t come often with us either but they feel great!



When I saw the title of your post, I was a bit worried, because I didn’t know what you meant by “unicorn”… :grinning:


Wow @eric - you just outdid yourself wth that picture :laughing:

I think @chris was thinking that the unicorn’s bum was tanget to the y-axis and that there was a flat-line rainbow fart coming out of the unicorn’s backside just about 100. But I may be making too big of an ass-umption there.


I think your ass-umption is perfect. There aren’t many nights with a flat line 100 around here. Still cleaning up the unicorn glitter from the floor.

@Eric, you always make me laugh…