Type 1 (LADA) Trying Ozempic?

Today was okay until about 4pm. I just had coffee and water until 2ish, when I made myself eat maybe 1/4 cup chicken with peppers & zucchini in the air fryer. Sprinkle of goat cheese. I’ve felt not well since especially the last 2 hours laying down nauseous. I don’t think it’s just in my head (which has been aching).

I hope this all resolves itself soon. The appetite suppression is like nothing I’ve experienced, which is great but I’m not eating near enough. 2 days in no worries, but I just want normal appetite long term, not too sick to eat anything. I’m not sure I’ll be able to eat dinner tonight. I’ve probably had 300 calories total today.

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I’m on the hydration, but I can’t imagine exercising. I’ll try to do some walk’s tomorrow morning if I feel better.

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The nausea and bloating after eating will pass after a couple of weeks. Eat ing slower may help. You will find that you can eat about 1/2 of what you use to, and you won’t feel the need to snack. Make sure to test your basel setting, I had to reduce mine by half. Meal doses are tricky; I cut them by a 1/3, and do split dose. I suggest until you know what your new meal dose will be that you do not dose until eating or at the end of the meal.

I am T1D for 58 years, now 70 yr old, pumping for more than 25 years. I started Ozempic in October, and lost 18 lbs. My time in range is 87%; A1c was 5.9, and now is 5.8.

I think it is a big deal for T1Ds. The side effects are tolerable, and will improve lives.


Thank you. I was ready to quit when I woke up this morning (not that I can “quit” until the week is up), but today has been better. I have been chewing ginger gravol and was able to eat a small keto bar mid morning and a few pieces of veggies with goat cheese for lunch. Lots of water and fizzy diet drinks. Could only finish half my morning coffee. Got some short walks in too. Hoping the worst is behind me!


@jo_jo and others, you’re experiencing the same as listed in another thread - slow titration is key, my Endo used the click method every 2 weeks (0.25, 0.25 plus 5 clicks, 0.25 plus 10 clicks, etc).

For those who want justification to you Endo to get a GLP-1 prescribed, I suggest sharing this article on the SIX islet hormones affected in T1D:

Good luck, hang in there!


My Endo told me to stay on 0.25 for 4 weeks. Tomorrow, I take my 2nd dose of 0.25. However, I’m planning to take it in my thigh vs my abdomen, as I’ve heard this limits side effects. This sort of makes sense to me, as I’m able to absorb in my stomach far more effectively than in my thigh when it comes to insulin. Here’s hoping…

I can see the logic of the slow titration, but I’ll run it by my Endo before I try it. He said I may not need to even go up from 0.25, and that if at week 5 I decide to, and the side effects are worse, to go back to 0.25 for another 2 weeks.

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It’s day 7, so I take my 2nd dose of Ozempic tomorrow. I think it’s pretty much out of my system now, because I don’t feel sick, I need more insulin than I did beginning of the week for the same foods, and I’m starting to have my old cravings for junk food again (albeit, I’ve had the willpower not to give into those so far, so maybe the Ozempic is still there somewhere). I have a hard time getting I:C dosages right on the best of days, so an extra variable in that regards is not ideal (it would be one thing if it gave me a new, less aggressive I:C ratio, but it seems that was only so in the beginning of the week).

We’ll see how week 2 goes!


@jo_jo FWIW (not much), I started, stayed and am well-controlled on .75mg of Trulicity, which is considered a very low dose (according to the pharmacist). Since you seem to be sensitive to the Ozempic, you may not need to go up much and, if you do, I agree with @MsCris - go slow.

Continued good luck!!

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