Tubed alternatives to Omnipods

They have several different lengths of tube you can choose from, I think mine is like 28” long. I carry the pump in my pocket and stick the tube in it. I have a lot of scar tissue on my stomach from shots all my life and I’m 57, I use the steel needle type and if I accidentally pull it out, I can stick it back in. I LOVE MINE, and hope you do too!!


@TommyGadd I also have tons of stomach scar tissue and that’s contributed to my hesitancy to try a pump. Are the steel needle sets longer than typical insulin needles (going deeper than subQ scar tissue) or do they compensate some other way for scar tissue? If I did pump, I really am only interested in wearing it on my stomach. Thanks! Jessica

Hey Jessica, the steel needles aren’t very long, but they work great. They are absolutely the best set I’ve ever used. What I like about them is if you accidentally pull one out, you can clean it and stick it right back in. I think if you were to give them a try, you would be happy with them. They have made my life so much easier to live in. More than happy to help with any questions you have.


I think Tandem offers an angled infusion set. Rather than using a short needle or cannula that goes straight in, it uses a longer cannula that goes in on a slant. That gives a lot of freedom in choosing how deep to put the open end of the cannula.


Here is link to Tandem Autosoft 30.
It is similar to Medtronic silhouette with 30 degree angle insertion.

Video of Tandem 30 degree angle.


Thank you so much @TommyGadd and @bkh and @MM2 ! This is all so good to know and a lot to think about. I continue to inch my way toward trying out a pump. Will be back to you with any questions – thanks again! Jess


Thanks Jess!!, I’d be more than happy to help you if I can. Stay strong!!! You got this


Do you believe your infusion SITES last longer?? with the metal needles? Ah-what metal(s) are they made of?

Ah- you say steel.

Surgical stainless steel.

Thank you.

I don’t think they last longer, but they are easier to use! I’m not sure what kind of metal they use, but on the package it says steel needle!! They are the absolute best and have used :)!

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Thank you!! How often do you change them?

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I try to keep one on for at least 4days. I can put more insulin in it when I first insert it and make it last 4-5 days. It works for me, but you’ll get a message saying it’s time to change it, but I use them until they are OUT of insulin.

Nice! (I’ve been changing infusion sets every 1.5 days … not ideal!!) What pump do you use?
What is the name of these infusion sets? TY!!! (Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Medtronic Sure T, Tandem TruSteel

I use the Tandem Tslim 2, and my infusion sets are the steal needle ones. I’ve got so much scar tissue built up in my stomach and that’s all that will work for me. I do have some of the other ones that I can’t use. I’d give them to someone who could use them. It’s a full month supply

Thank you!!!

What might you mean about putting “more insulin into it (‘it’ refers to what?) when you first insert it (the infusion set?)”? … …. And what is meant by “But I use them until they are OUT of insulin” …. ‘them & they’ refer to ? … …

I’m so sorry- you know exactly what you are referring to, but I seem to need more specific terms to fully understand your process… might that be possible?

{Also, if possible, which insulin are you using, how much insulin do you put in the cartridge, & how often are you changing the cartridges? Such info will allow me to know IF or how I may want to tweak your process.}

(I can ignore or reset the reminder to change infusion set :slight_smile:

Understanding that the steel needles may last longer than the ones I’m using is an eye opener, & gives me hope for less frequent infusion set changes!

Thank you so very much!!


When I say, add more insulin, I mean to my pump container. Are you on a insulin pump? You have to change everything out every 3days, but I can make it last 4-5 days. If you have more questions please get in touch with me. I use Humalog insulin as well. I put around 125 units in the pump

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