Treatment instructions in an emergency

For T1D adults - Has anyone ever written up instructions for their family in the event that you end up in the hospital and are not able to communicate instructions to the medical staff about your T1D treatment? My family is not very involved in my diabetes care and I am not sure if they would know exactly what to tell the doctors and nurses.

I worry about this, but then I think, if I am in the hospital unconscious, then as long as they know I have T1D, who cares if they rip off my pod and CGM. What are your thoughts?


i would choose friends that can be of help. i have instructions for a friend of mine as my mom cares but at the same times doesnt want to deal with anything if i am low or high. my boyfriend lives a bit far from me. so i chose a best friend. you can have that option if need be :slight_smile:

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@amymc what kind of information did you put in the instructions? Do you go as detailed as what dosages of insulin you should be on if your pump is removed?

I assume they would do that first (remove your diabetes gear) and monitor and treat you using their hospital protocol. I can’t imagine what a huge liability letting someone in an emergency treat themselves would be.

A set of instructions is a great idea though! Even if someone knows you well, having instructions for them to follow makes sense to me. And getting the point across that you’re T1 is really important.

There have been a couple of safety threads/posts that I recalled that touch on how to let first responders know you’re T1D already:

i have a detail list yes. i have what my pump setting is, how the dosage works when my pump is off, i teach them how to use the emergency insuiln as i call it. and i make sure they know what to ask the drs, etc

That sounds like exactly what I would like to write up. Something else for my to-do list!

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