Today I was a Blue Man

No, not a Blue Man like this:

But a Blue man like this:

Well, OK, maybe like this:

This is what happened. I was spraying, as I do everyday, for garlic mustard. I have a bit of land so it is easy to either miss some or to spray it many times. So I use a blue dye and a spreader-sticker on top of the weedkiller.

I broke my hose handle, went away to replace it, and did not notice that I had not screwed down the top of the spray tank. An hour later, I realized that the tank had been steadily dripping on me, and that the back of my body was blue from head to toe!

I freaked out a bit (not because of the dye, but because of the weedkiller), tossed my spray clothes into a bunch of cold water, and jumped into the shower, where I spent 30 minutes scrubbing every bit of my skin as hard as I could with a rough brush.

So now I am not a Blue Man any more. Instead, I am

A Red Man.


Better Red than Dead!


Very appropriate :slight_smile: