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Did everyone that wanted an update on the Tidepool Omnipod Loop project get it? If not, I am happy to forward the latest update to you. Below is a conceptual rendering of the Omniloop project which is in process.


Looks like refreshed Omniloop! I didn’t hear anything back so would be interested in following! ty.

What I hope is that you can bolus in finer amounts via the watch…we don’t loop on the watch because the bolus amounts are only in .5 amounts – at least the last time we checked it that was the case. :frowning:


The details of the last email are a little thin, and mostly focused on fundraising since they had to let a significant portion of the staff go. They did say they are almost ready to submit to the FDA, so the project is still moving forward as projected.

On Nov 12,2020 they sent an email stating “In September, we announced and started recruiting for our human factors validation study for Tidepool Loop. On Tuesday, November 10, we completed that study, marking a significant milestone on our path to completing the work necessary to submit Tidepool Loop to the FDA!”

The last major blurb was in February this year, and can be found here: Tidepool Blog/Omniloop


@elver, I’d love to read that email.

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A first-look at the design of Tidepool Loop from Howard Look, Tidepool President and CEO

Christopher Snider, Tidepool christopher.snider@tidepool.org Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 2:00 PM
Reply-To: christopher.snider@tidepool.org

To: XXXXXX@gmail.com|

Hi everyone!

As challenging as this year has been, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you for your continued support and belief in our effort to deliver Tidepool Loop to the App Store.

Tidepool Loop is currently in development. It is not available for commercial use.

Tomorrow, December 1, is Giving Tuesday. I’m asking for your support as we cross our t’s and dot our i’s to finalize our FDA submission documents for Tidepool Loop.

As many of you know, Tidepool faced its hardest call ever this last month in reducing our staff and restructuring our team in a way that meant saying goodbye to some of the best people I’ve worked with, and the people who got us this far on Tidepool Loop. We need your support more than ever.

And I am overwhelmed at how the community has continually stepped forward to help us on this journey! Earlier in November we announced that a small circle of donors had offered to match your gifts. You paved that road forward and unlocked our first match of $100,000.

Our circle of donors has increased their pledge to match your next $25,000 in donations to unlock another $250,000! Your gift today will help us reach that next tier.

Help Tidepool #paveitforward with a donation

Please visit tidepool.org/paveitforward to make a donation and help us unlock this next matching gift opportunity. We can make this happen together.

Howard Look
Co-founder, President, and CEO

For people with diabetes For clinicians

Tidepool is dedicated to making diabetes data more accessible, actionable, and meaningful for people with diabetes, their care teams, and researchers. Tidepool Loop is a project to build and support an FDA-regulated version of Loop, to be available in the iOS App Store, intended to work with commercially available insulin pumps and CGMs.

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I think I was able to change that. I returned the watch to the place I bought it because I did not get confirmation on it, but there is a setting to change the amount.

@Trying and @dm61,
Do you recall the setting for watch bolus amount?

I can hunt for it.


I found it.

Here is the file to edit:
SOURCE\WatchApp Extension\Controllers\BolusInterfaceController.swift

Here is the FUD link that discusses it.


I can email you my BolusInterfaceController.swift file if you want to try it.

That works. Thanks Eric!

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I just compared the original file with mine. There are 7 lines that are different, so it would probably be best to email it to you rather than try to explain all the changes.

PM me your email address and I will send it to you.


Send you an email to remind you of my email!


I’m using the watch to bolus. It defaults to 0.25 for each +/- tap, and to 0.025 for each turn of the dial.

I’m using AB, and I don’t think I changed the code for these settings. I’m at the Dr right now and will check when I return home.


I just emailed 2 files to you. See if all of that makes sense! Let me know!


Selfishly, when I put “Tidepool Loop” in the subject line I know the open rates will benefit :wink:

Thanks for your continued interest and support in our* work. I’ve been looking forward to publicly sharing the direction we’re headed with Tidepool Loop for quite some time. Hopefully I’ll have more good news to drop in your inbox soon.

*our, as I am Tidepool’s Community and Clinic Success Manager (aka, the email person)


Would you trust Liam to deliver his own boluses either way though?

He does it all the time now. He’s at a 5th grade reading level (it’s as high as he was tested) and he’s been doing this (with me telling him how much), for months now. My only concern was him not reading and understanding, but now that he’s past that hurdle and he understands what getting too much insulin could mean, he’s super careful and i always check NS after he’s bolused to be certain everything is as it should be.


Wow! That’s awesome. I do not trust Samson to bolus himself. He’s really good with numbers and doing all the math needed for the calculations, but his personality is such that he’d easily bolus himself too much because he’s impatient, say, and wants to eat. And he is not conscientious enough to remember to bolus all the time.


I definitely have to prompt Liam to do the bolus or he wouldn’t do it alone yet. And pushing the time ahead by 15 minutes sometimes confuses him still but he asks me or his brothers if he needs help – they are all well versed in G5 and Loop.


I’m debating getting Samson a watch and maybe we can experiment with this for him. I’m worried, given how often he is texting me and wasting time making voice memos on his phone though, that giving him a watch will just make him do that even more, haha. I guess there are worse things than getting a string of poop emoji text messages all day though.


Liam sometimes uses his phone for videos (recording his brothers being silly/playing/being cute, etc.,) or texting me. I tell him texting me is fine, but I don’t like him using the phone for things because I want him to recognize that this particular phone is a medical device. Not only that but the space is shared in his Apple account so when I need to update my loop / xCode, Mac OS…space is always an issue (because the Mac I bought was older and not a super large amount of free space)…so I end up having to go through all those and deleting them just to make space for the updates I need to do to update his loop. lol. So I ask him to only use the phone as a medical device. When he gets older and can understand it can be a medical device AND a tool he can use for his social activities / games / etc., then that will be OK and we’ll get a new Mac that can handle it…for now though I ask him to limit his use of the phone (but he still does it. lol…not too regurarly though).

The watch has been great for us. Just the “Walkie-talkie” function has been very good…I can be upstairs in bed watching TV and can just walkie-talkie him on his computer and give my request…“Liam, plz eat 10 skittles” or “Liam, plz bolus yourself for the pizza you’re about to eat…52 pizza carbs for 15 min from now…don’t bolus anything, let loop do it.” etc., It’s been a time/energy savings for a lazy guy like me. :smiley: (thanks Covid!). He also uses the watch during the 2-hour warm-ups. He does his own calibrations and enters the numbers into the shortcut to keep loop working. He uses his watch to set a custom timer of 17 minutes, when it goes off, he checks his sugars (sometimes with my walkie-talkie reminding/prompting) enters them into the shortcut, then resets the timer and does it until the double-calibration shows up in G5, then he does the double calibration.

Also, I think we are going to work out a code system for him for next year - there should be school by then - where I send him a special emoji and it means something specific…ie., a diamond = eat 10 skittles, etc., I would like him to be as independent as he WANTS to be…if he wants Nurse for everything that’s OK too, but he’s been expressing a lot of independence and wanting to do stuff alone so I don’t want to discourage it. He recently got into programming - just started watching Youtube videos and decided he wanted to be a programmer. We got him a subscription to Code Kingdoms and he’s now programmina LUA for Roblox, a game he plays, and he’s creating his own games that he’s publishing for other people to play. His “goal” is to have a lot of people playing his games so he gets “robux” (in game currency) as well as possibly paid in real money by the company if his games become super popular (top game creators in Roblox make upward of $2M/year). He’s still got a long way to go, but I’m proud of his independence so far!


Great for Liam! If he runs out of steam on Roblox, the Lego Robotic controllers are a blast for kids to program. You can set up an infinite number of cool problems and they get to build and program.