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@christopherasnider, great to see you here: come often! We are in full support of what you do with Tidepool Omniloop.


@christopherasnider Glad to see that you’re still ghosting the site! Also glad that you guys are still around. Very sad that so many people are no longer at Tidepool. :disappointed_relieved: I hope your submission of the FDA goes well! Happy holidays!


Just click your heels three times and say “Tidepool” and a keyword notification will bring me here - I’m magical like that :smiley:

Be well everybody!


Just saw this in a JDRF email, Tidepool Loop has FDA approval! See: FDA Authorizes Tidepool Loop, an Automated Insulin Dosing App: JDRF

Can’t help wondering about this AND Loop 3.0 just being released, but it’s goods news for the T1/T2 community either way! I’d been wondering when/if Tidepool would have success with their effort, glad to have an answer!


No pump compatibility info yet, but you’ve got to assume omnipod 5 is in the pipeline?

Theres a Zoom seminar with the Tidepool CEO on Monday January 30 about the approval. I assume there won’t be any exclusive information but perhaps interesting anyway.

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@Karl.n Hadn’t seen the info on Zoom seminar. Any details or where’d you see it?

I saw it on a facebook post that has since disappeared. It will end up on their youtube channel eventually.

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