Tidepool and Sequel Twiist

FYI, Tidepool (the FDA approved version of the Loop algorithm) announced FDA approval of Sequel twiist powered by Tidepool today at: The twiist™ AID system powered by Tidepool receives 510(k) clearance

The Sequel announcement can be seen at: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2024/03/18/2847675/0/en/Sequel-s-twiist-Automated-Insulin-Delivery-System-Receives-FDA-510-k-Clearance.html?mkt_tok=MjQ4LUlTWi01MzYAAAGR8V74vpQbDofnwHfNcGVP5PLQaVSdPGnAtZ5BzgObHL63_TLG0F8ilgK1oNwblu-jl95hv9NBtAzWq3RjeTJijduuWg_OibKRasB-Bku4

Note both of them left off the “Loop” moniker. The Tidepool announcement says further information will follow. Sequel announcement indicated a partnership with DEKA (Dean Kamen’s organization). Neither indicates a pump the AID would work with, though DEKA did produce an “investigational pump” back about 2021. Lots of questions outstanding…


I couldn’t find what pumps it is compatible with. Do you know?

It would be ideal if it was compatible with the Dash pods but NOT compatible with the O5.

That would help keep Dash in the game longer!


The medical industry has some very strange naming conventions.

Hopefully the Twiist has all the basic features as the other devices.


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Lyumjev anyone?

Surprised Sequel was spelled correctly.

Could’ve gone for Sequellè

The shareholders would’ve loved that.

Lyumjev should be the affordable insulin you get at ikea.



Some assembly required…


@Eric Yep, that’s one of the questions! Most of the reporting just mimic’s Sequel’s FDA release. Many show either a pump or infusion set device (a round object on one end, 3-4” in diameter, then a tube and a tube connector) that Sequel has available for download on their website). I mentioned potential for compatibility with the DEKA pump, but that’s pure speculation on my part. It could be they’re looking at putting the AID software out there with at least one pump manufacturer willing to make their pump(s) accessible by it and hoping others will do so as well…though that seems like a financial recipe for disaster.

It’s interesting what we get excited by, eh?! (Hey, it COULD be life impacting…)


Saw this in JDRF Pipeline article:

  • twiist™, an Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) by Sequel Med Tech that features a pump by DEKA, the Tidepool Loop algorithm, and the Dexcom G6 CGM, received FDA clearance for individuals ages 6 and up with T1D.
  • Per the release, this is “the first drug delivery system that directly measures the volume and flow of insulin delivered with every micro-dose.”
  • JDRF is a longtime supporter of Tidepool Loop, an automated insulin delivery app for managing T1D, which received FDA clearance in January 2023.

Seems to confirm the DEKA pump connection.