Think you are having a bad day?

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Wow! That’s…something.

Do you think he’d dipped his hands in honey and let it dry before he went in there? Because that seems like, impossible. Maybe he was drinking straight honey? Maybe he had a blood transfusion and they went with glucose instead of blood?

(Also: EH’s grandpa was from Raritan, NJ!!! We’ve spent a bit of time out there as adults too. Maybe it’s in the water?)


I guess you never know if the person doing the test is competent enough to clean the person’s fingers!

Years ago, my company was doing free health screenings in the office. I had low BG, so I went to the “diabetes checking booth” and had them do a BG test for me. But I didn’t tell them I was a T1 (just having fun with them).

I think it was in the 40’s or 50’s or something like that. The lady freaked out, asked me if I was feeling bad or anything. I said I felt fine. So she asked for a different finger and re-checked and it was still very low, so she told me I should go to a doctor and ask about my abnormally low BG. I told her I would talk to the doctor and left the booth. (years ago, I was much meaner than I am now :slight_smile: )


Geez, I don’t think my Bg has ever been above 2,500 at most.



I think I’ve only at most been in the upper 300’s…I think I may of had one 400 mg/dL over the years…and even with that I felt like death warmed over. Granted, I’m sure I was higher pre diagnosis as I have always liked carbs…but yeah.

That kid is lucky as hell if he’s still around now after that, that’s scary :confounded:

Well, my Dexcom has gone to ??? for the past three hours, and I was feeling a bit thirsty and noticed I was going to the bathroom a lot, so I tested. Somehow over three hours I jumped from 8.0 mmol/L (145 mg/dl) to 23.9 mmol/L (430 mg/dl).

Ah, the fun. It makes me remember pre-CGM days when I would test without having any idea what I might be. Not sure the cause, so I’ve got some troubleshooting to do…

I’ve been over 33 mmol/L (600 mg/dl) numerous times before. I don’t know what I was at diagnosis, so I may have been significantly higher. I don’t know how the kid survived with such a high blood sugar!

An average size person with a BG of about 85 has the equivalent of about 4 grams of glucose in their blood, which is (roughly) about the same as 1 teaspoon of table sugar.

I looked for an image of what this guy had in his blood. This is what I found as a close approximation:



Best of luck, Jen! Hope it resolves quickly!

Oh, Jen, let us know how you’re doing today!


I did an injection and came down to 16 mmol/L (270 mg/dl) by bedtime. Corrected with pump and came down into range a few hours later. Perfect flatline for most of the rest of the night, and drifting softly downwards before and after waking up.

No idea of the cause. I had recently changed out my pump site, so it’s possible that the old site had stopped working (it was feeling pretty irritated) or the new site was taking a while to start absorbing. Or I’d also eaten quite a few carbohydrates, so it’s possible that I mis-bolused (with the new site). Or maybe a combination of the two.