Weird low, weird high

I finally gave up on my new Dexcom sensor after less than 24 hours (bled on insertion, readings totally erratic, yes, Dexcom is replacing it). While the new sensor was warming up, I did a couple of fingersticks…and totally missed a low BG (46!) until I was sweating and starting to shake. (That was weird, too, ‘cos I usually start getting a little shaky when I hit the 50s…and I haven’t had a bad low in a while). Anyway, I shoved in 14 grams of glucose tabs, which should have brought me up to 130-140. BUT after the sensor warm-up completed and I entered the fingersticks, I got double arrows up at 191!! Huh? I must have drifted off to sleep (all this happened late at night, of course) and woke up to 237 diagonal arrow up! I used an Afrezza, changed my insulin pump on the chance it was contributing to the problem, and got up for a while. I leveled out about 170-180, took a bolus by pump, and went to sleep. Woke up to…172! Took a 10 minute walk, no improvement (but I enjoyed the walk). My husband gave me an IM injection in the shoulder a while ago so we will see.

Really, at this point, all I want is some :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:!


Not sure if this applies to your event, but a lot of times a few BG checks will be useful to tell me where I will be.

And also how much I have eaten and how much insulin there is.

Like maybe I can go to bed at 50, because I know I have eaten a bunch and don’t really have a lot of insulin to worry about.

So 50 isn’t really always a concern, it just depends on what’s surrounding it.


That’s the other weird thing: bolus insulin on board should not have been a factor at that point. A brisk walk in the afternoon probably was, now that I think about it.

ETA: In hindsight, I should have changed that wonky sensor much sooner.


@CatLady weird BGs aside, it’s been my experience that bleeders take up to 36 hours to settle down (at least for me) which is way longer than normal, and tend to be far more accurate over the duration of insertion. I always try to extend bleeders because they are far and away my most accurate sensors after they settle down. Until they do settle down however, they are erratic as heck and not to be believed!


I’ve had 1 or 2 before that worked out fine but this one was also becoming painful…plus my frustration level was really high…so it had to go! :flushed:


I agree, sometimes you just have call it quits on a really wonky sensor (hopefully they’re few and far between)!


Frustration level is the ultimate trump card…

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First off, I’m sorry and know your too familiar to me frustration w/ dexcom and pumps :weary:

I’m also sorry that I am uncertain if you are saying your dexcom or finger pokes or pump are the problem. Sorry if these were your actual finger stick readings.
Lol I’m lost…another feeling I’m too familiar with

But here we go… I will assume that these were your actual bg readings.

After a bad low… Somogyi (sp?) Affect, seems to be to blame here… made worse by consuming carbs late at night during or before bed. … though glucose tabs one would think to be a safe option… The affect also leads to insulin resistance or requiring more insulin for anywhere fr 12 hours to 3 days.

Maybe you already know this lol… but as you are using medicines I’ve never heard of( lol been on needle for 53 years I will also assume maybe your diabetes is fairly new? Adult onset? Types?

The Dex was definitely the original problem! I still have no idea why my BG dropped so low during the new sensor warm-up period. I changed th3 pump “just in case” that contributed to the rebound high. Definitely a crazy time!

Adult-onset, 7 years ago, Type 1 Weird…