Tandem pumps to interoperate with Libre 2 CGM

The t:slim pump currently works with the Dexcom G6 CGM. Today it is announced that they’re working on integration with the Abbott Libre 2 CGM.


Nice, that should offer a lower cost solution for those that need it. Choice is always a good thing in my mind.

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Sounds like Tandem software upgrade to choose cgm.

“We are proud to have an insulin pump capable of remote software updates that can make access to future integrations possible for in-warranty t:slim X2 users at the time of release without requiring a new pump.”

Does anyone know if this actually happened? Here we are about 2 years later and my insurer has taken Dexcom off their formulary, which means it’s a pain to get. The Libre is still in the formulary, but I don’t know if it works with Tandem, or any pump mfr, for that matter. Anyone know???

From the Tandem 3Q22 conference call

“Turning to Abbott. We are actively working towards offering our first integrated AID solution using Libre CGM data. Following Abbott’s receipt of FDA clearance for the Libre use in an AID system, it will mark the first time that their U.S. customers will have an opportunity to benefit from advanced hybrid closed-loop technology. We look forward to serving this unmet need in the diabetes community. For both Abbott and Dexcom, our goal is to launch our integrated offering in the U.S. within one to two quarters after their receipt of clearance.”


Thanks @bkh So I guess that’s coming up. I was just told by my insurer that they would cover Libre but not Dexcom. Hmm …

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